20 Affordable VERY CUTE Lightweight And Airy Summer Blouses We Love (Most Are Under $80!)

Ok, so two weeks ago we talked about 16 pretty wonderful affordable dresses that were all summer heat-approved. You all really seemed to love it so we thought that this week we would chat about our second favorite summer clothing item…The Breezy Blouse TM! A lot of you might know that this is a topic that we care A LOT about, especially Emily. She has been The Breezy Blouse queen for literal years (proof here and here and basically every fashion post ever). These blouses are meant to be billowy (no sticking to your sweaty body), regular bra-approved (VERY IMPORTANT), and yet super stylish. None of us want to look like a disheveled, sweaty mess in this 95-degree weather that both LA and Portland are having. Is everyone else ok?? I hope so.

imagine all of these tops with shorts:) but these photos do prove that these blouses can be worn year-round!

In one of our previous blouse posts, Emily even created a “scientific formula” to decipher if a blouse was cute and comfortable which I’ve laid out for you below:)

She, of course, has been branching out to other styles (like the oversized button-up) but we all love her stunning Ulla Johnson and The Great tops, right? But most of the time they are out of our budget and so that’s how this post was born! About 75% of these tops are under $100 and 50% are under $50 which I am pretty excited about. I categorized them in terms of pattern starting off with florals and shapes. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Let me tell you that Old Navy has a GREAT selection for these kinds of tops at truly wonderful prices! But what I loved about this one was that it followed all of Em’s previously stated rules (hello tassels), the neutral colors are so pretty, and it goes up to 4X (well the 4X is currently sold out but maybe it will come back?)!

For a slightly more tailored look, how cute is this ruffle puff sleeve number?! The sleeves give you a sweet drama and the buttons give you the option of how much (or not much) you want to show the girls off. This also comes in white and looks the most “romantic” of the three colors IMHO. The size goes up to XXL.

Similar style to the first option but I really love this beautiful blue print! It’s been a minute since I’ve shopped at the Loft (like maybe high school??) but I was also very impressed by their selection of cute tops. Definitely worth checking out!

Can you tell we love this particular style?? I just really loved this one too for the fun print that would beautifully transition into fall. This is included in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale so to get that price I would grab it sooner rather than later:)

Ok, so $148 isn’t necessarily what I would consider “affordable”. However, when I saw this top I LOVED it. The print, the way it drapes, and it’s from a sustainable brand. So if you are someone with a budget that is more robust then this could be a great option for you! It does only go up to an XL and for some stupid reason is not offered in their extended sizes.

This brand, Emerson Fry, was just introduced to me by (you guessed it) Emily when she revealed her entry with this top and living room with this one! I reeeeealllyy loved those tops so I poked around and naturally found more (this is only one of them). Again, over $100 for a top doesn’t scream affordable but they are also a sustainable brand that uses natural fibers and has a serious goal of creating zero waste! Check out their “about EF” here to get all the info. So with an incredible mission and beautiful pieces, if you have the budget this feels like a VERY good brand to buy from. Plus, The Breezy Blouse queen herself is a massive fan:)

Y’all this little ruffle, eyelet number is CUTE!!! It’s easy, breezy, will make you look very put together and the sizing goes up to XXL. I love the contrast of the sweet top with those raw-edge shorts too. Plus for $30 I just don’t think you can beat it.

Can you tell we’re in the striped section now? A pattern that is near and dear to our EHD hearts…especially light blue stripes:) I love that this is a button-up with a twist! The mock collar is super chic and those puff sleeves make it perfect for summer.

But for something more classic, Old Navy has this awesome oversized button-up that goes up to 4X! But to give you a little styling inspo, here are two ways Em likes to wear her button-downs in the summer…

Ok, so it’s really just one flap out or no flaps out but notice that she sizes up in her jean shorts to make them a little slouchy and that this look could either be a little dressed up with clogs (or low heels) or a casual sandal! If you are wondering where the blue striped shirt is from here you go🙂 The pink one is no longer available:(

I promise this is THE ONLY top at this price point! I just couldn’t resist because this green-striped beauty screams “easy breezy summer top”. A true “throw on and go” piece if you will. Actually, Em tried on the dress version a few weeks ago too!

This was her exact quote about it: “I couldn’t put this dress in my basket fast enough. I’m going to wear this all summer long. The sleeves are so fun, it has pockets, and the green/white stripe is a hell yes. It’s lined and feels high quality (it should be, it wasn’t cheap). This is my dress of the summer.”

The dress comes in a few other really cute prints in case the stripes aren’t your thing but there’s a white eyelet version that’s on sale so…

The stripes continue but the blues are mostly gone. Ha. I really love how classic yet unique this one is. The colors are a little unexpected and the collar and front detail are super cool. This has effortless “cool gal” written all over it.

See a little more blue but this time with purple! I love this color combo and the oversized short sleeves. It’s another one that feels effortless but for those who still like some structure (Jess quietly raises her hand:)) Madewell KNOWS how to do a boxy button-up!

I had to throw in one checkered option, right?! The shoulder and sleeve detail/overall cut had me swooning. It’s simple and sweet yet chic and also comes in FIVE other patterns and colors. 10/10.

If you’re an eyelet lover then this is a super special option (this is the last one over $100 I promise)! The color is great and summer-y and I love that the oversized detailing goes along the trim. Also, THE PLEATING! Great for the office, brunch, etc. It also comes in black and white.

Just, yes. For $30 you can get this great and versatile top with just enough detailing to make it look extra special. It also comes in three other bright colors and goes up to a 4X (which is currently in stock)!

I know this one might be a little tricky with a bra but it’s SO CUTE! I love the tiny ruffles and the eyelet pattern so much. Causal Romanticism<3 Oh, and it goes up to a 4XL!

I am a big orange fan and always have been. So I really love this color for a summer top! It’s fun with just the right amount of detailing if you are someone who shies away from that sort of thing. Sadly, this top is on clearance and only has up to size XXL but if that works for you then I am fully in support of this purchase:)

Look at that drape! Chic, chic, chic, and I love that the front has both buttons and a tie. I just think this is a very elegant option that I might be buying for myself. It also comes in black and mint and goes up to XXL.

This one is also calling my name. I love a gauze-y fabric because that really says “it’s summertime” to me. Plus those sleeves are cute and I don’t need to worry about cleavage which is always a plus for me personally:)

Ah, we’ve come to our final pick! When I saw this one it immediately reminded me of Em. The color, the subtle pattern, the sleeve ruffles, and the neckline. I also think this is a great year-round top so no need to put it away when that fall breeze hits! 10/10

Any thoughts? Any suggestions? Of course, some of these will work in better climates than others but hopefully, if you were on an affordable summer blouse hunt you found at least one option that you loved:)

Love you mean it.

Opening Image Credits: Left – Photo by Kaitlin Green + From: The Farmhouse Entry Reveal | Middle: Photo by Veronica Crawford + From: My “Casual, Comfortable, Cool” Spring Weekend Wardrobe | Right – Photo by Kaitlin Green + From: The HIGHLY Anticipated…Farmhouse Living Room Reveal

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