A Fall Color Trend (Brown) I’m Embracing Hard Right Now

Oh, she’s performing her “I’m so cozy” look for you… We all saw it coming. It was on the runways four years ago but it took me a while to integrate this “OH SO VERY ’90S” color into my personal wardrobe in a way that felt “me”. Sure, I’ve always worn camel, caramel, brown leather, etc, but today in 2023, is the year where apparently I’m really into brown. So I snuggled up and posed around the house in some new things that I LOVE.

Quarter-Zip Fleece | Leggings

That quarter-zip fleece is a really good color and cut. Not all browns are created equal and I think a lot of it has to do with the texture of the fabric within the brown family. This is nubby and cozy and has side zippers as well as the front satin-y detail. Also, the leggings are my hands down favorite for both workouts and around the house (I wear a medium and they are even very comfy for the bloated days of the month – they don’t cut in at all and have a really wide and soft waistband). These will forever be on my “favorites” list.

Cardigan (similar) | Button-Up Shirt | Pull-On Barrel Jeans | Kitten-Heel Boots | Fanny Bag

I recently bought this striped button-up which I’ve worn a lot because it’s so good to layer under thicker sweaters. Many poplin or cotton shirts can be too stiff to layer under anything that is fitted (they bunch in the armpits and wrists), but this one is satin-y (polyester probably) and is super thin so it layers and drapes really easily. I’ve had that cardigan for years but those are my new barrel pants that I love (and they are thick and good for fall).

The whole barrel pant + kitten heel is pretty darn good if you ask me.

Half-Zip Pullover Sweater | Jeans

This cardigan MIGHT be more burnt orange than brown, but I’m still including it. It is a bit long (and I have a short torso) so I give it a little tuck. Good front pockets and Iquarter zip.

And yes, you are getting more and more peeks into our bedroom which we are finally shooting next week (we’ve been waiting on a partnership and then I added more window treatments and am moving the lamps around). Stay tuned…

Cape | Beanie | Cable-Knit V-Neck Crop Sweater | Over-The-Knee Boots

UGH. This cape is ridiculously good. It’s gingham wool, totally timeless, and extremely high quality. It’s a lot of fabric so for me, I’d wear it more with heels than sneakers, but I might make up a work lunch or trip to NYC with someone just to wear it.

It’s splurgy but I feel like it’s one of those pieces that will be in FOREVER. It makes such a statement in a really classic way. The details are so good. And those are my favorite over-the-knee boots (they come in blue suede which I secretly wish I had bought instead, but the brown suede is probably more classic). And this new chunkie beanie that I proceeded to lose out of my pocket on a pitch-black nighttime walk with the pups (I’ve already repurchased because the chunkiness is so good).

Half-Zip Puller | High-Rise Leggings | Socks | Slippers

I had a social partnership with Varley so I got to try on a bunch of their pieces (they were new to me) and I LOVED THEM. They are a more high-end Madewell meets Vuori – luxe basics in extremely soft fabrics. I’ve worn this brown zippie and coffee-colored leggings many times since I got them. Again, the legging fabric is just SUPER SOFT (rivaling the before-mentioned Vuori butter pants I love).

My only note to give to the Varley team is less light neutral colors for the leggings – I hate looking naked on the bottom half nor will I buy light-colored leggings (probably because the pigs would ruin the calves immediately). But this chocolate brown is such a pretty color.

Hat (similar) | Belt Bag (similar) | Striped Shirt (similar) | Blazer | Jeans | Boots (similar)

Not my best post (or maybe best outfit) but I bought this jacket as part of this western suit that I was hoping to wear on a big shoot. The pants didn’t fit well on me, and If I’m being honest I thought that the jacket was overpriced, but I keep wearing it because the cut, style, and thickness are good for fall (it’s boxy enough in the armpits to layer over well).

Those wide legs from Mother have such good structure and I just read an article about how red is going to be all over our bodies next year (I’m ALL FOR THAT). It’s an old Wyeth hat that I’m just wearing again (My hope is that we are in a new hat era).

Beanie | Sweater | Jeans (unavailable) | Boots (similar)

This is the sweater that kicked it all off, actually – a nice color-blocked cropped and cozy guy. Same chunky beanie that I love (and have lost).

Skinny jeans I’ve had forever (they are SO GOOD and so stretchy, from Parker if you can track them down) and Equestrian boots from J. Crew three years ago, but these are similar.

Puffer Coat | Beanie | Boots (similar) | Jumpsuit

Part of my Varley partnership was also this chocolate brown slightly metallic puffer. I mean, for a puffer it is SO GOOD and feels incredibly lightweight and so soft.

I’m wearing a small here, but I ended up returning for an XS (Varley runs a little big, FYI) so in that brand I wear medium in tights (because I always like them not crazy tight) and then XS small in tops and coats (but in the brown zippy above I wore a small). Why is sizing so confusing these days online??

As you can see the alpacas and piggies are complementing my fall color palette – Bert might need a bang cut. Anyway, if you love wearing denim and blue as much as I do, this might be your call to incorporate a complementary fall color (brown) into the wardrobe. I’m finding it so easy to wear and it’s making me pretty darn happy.

*Photos by Kaitlin Green

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