A Fun Fast Post About Sweet New Spring Decor With Lots Of Random Shout Outs Including…HAPPY WORKAVERSARY GRETCHEN!!!!

Three things happened on the same day – Jess was in town looking at our second round of rug samples (WE LOVE THEM), we shot a social campaign with Anthropologie (I got to choose what would look good in my house and it was a lot of great stuff), and lastly it was Gretchen’s 1-year workaversary. So despite all of us going out the night before, AHEM, we had a nice lunch (although MAYBE Jess and Gretch stayed up later together and understandably didn’t feel like being on camera so it’s just me…LOL). Champagne was included because I’m an Enneagram 7 and can go hedonist really easily if it’s on/near the weekend (this is why I lock myself down during the week). It was also the day before a long vacation so my hedonist side won! Meanwhile, we had some vignettes set up for this social campaign and figured we’d do a fun post about what I love at Anthro right now, amongst other things. This blog post isn’t sponsored (they only partnered on stories), but the photos came out so cute that we thought it would be fun to show and tell.

Ginny Low Bowls | Morgan Wine Glasses | Morgan Stemless Wine Glasses | Bed Threads Scalloped Linen Placemats (color unavailable) | Napkins | Flatware | Cinched Scandi Vase (unavailable)

Here was our lunch, which was nothing fancy but certainly fancier than normal days. I already had everything except these pieces:

  1. New stemless wine glasses – which have a nice flat and heavy-ish bottom and come in so many pretty colors. I almost got the teal, but then realized that I like to see what I’m drinking and how much I have left so I opted for the blush (no surprises there).
  2. The blue pasta plates – Now these are EXCELLENT salad plates (which is mostly what we ladies eat for lunch here) because they have a great lip but are still shallow (I do not like deep salad bowls as I don’t like the bottom lettuces to get soggy and yet “salad plates” are too small as we like to make giant salads).

We obviously kept it simple and I didn’t style it out much, again just using what we already had and clipping some branches. Not sure why I put two forks on there… perhaps I was trying to show off my 4-H skills from when I had to set the table in front of judges when I was 8??? (obvious fail with nary a spoon in sight).

Striped Buttondown Blouse

I swear I had friends to to the left and in front of me!!!! I wasn’t eating, drinking, and laughing alone! I’m not a psychopath.

Jess’ hand for proof that I wasn’t alone. Also Happy Workaversary Gretch!!!!!!!! A year of so much fun, creativity, hard work, help, and REALLY GOOD TIMES. While we laugh a lot about how we overheard my son saying, “Oh, she’s my mom’s helper” when his friend asked, I do really need a lot of help!!! And you are a real pro at that (as well as having many other highly creative and skilled talents like graphic design, interior design, editing, storytelling, etc).

New Front Porch Pillows

Jute Scallop Pillow | Striped Ruffle Indoor/Outdoor Pillow | Throw Blanket | Planters | Rounded Dome Top Lanterns | Pillar Candles | Watering Can

I was extremely drawn to these ruffled striped pillows (they have them in red/pink which are sooooo fun). For outdoor pillows, they are extremely plush and mushy (in a good way, not too stiff). I mean, the scalloped sisal pillow is also very cute (but less comfy as you can imagine). You’ll see these float around my yard this summer.

Shout out to my Old navy oversized shirt (wearing a medium and loving it tied around my waist because it has the perfect thing drape), my awesome pull-on shorts, and platform New Balance sneakers 🙂 The blanket is Sunbrella so ideal for outside.

I bought the lanterns last year from Terrain, with the huge candles from Pottery Barn (fun fact, they still have their plastic on them but since there is glass, too, I figured you can’t see the double reflection). Perhaps someday we’ll light those candles, but WHO KNOWS? The pots are from Rejuvenation, the wood swing is from Danish Design Store, watering can is from one of my local favorite stores JP General. OOH one more shout out to my local Dennis’ 7 Dees – non-spon, they just have great plants and they are so lovely.


In the bathroom, I styled out that cute pitcher with flowers (it’s a pretty small pitcher so I’m pretty sure its real purpose is flowers, IMHO). Big old shout out to SPRING!!!!!

Long-Sleeve Racing Stripes Top | Jean Shorts (similar)

My hair is looking admittedly really dreamy thanks to Alyssa Fitchie, I’m loving the messiness. The red sweater is from Anthro and the jean shorts from Madewell, last year.

I think Spring is the main winner here and making my job and life so much easier/better. Great team. Great day. Great new pretty things. Happy Friday, friends. And Happy Workaversary Gretch!!! Go over and see her first MOTO (MakeOver TakeOver) if you missed it!!!

*Photos by Kaitlin Green

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