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Unlike most students that went to college in the 2020s, I never really fell into the LED lights trend — I remember when I would approach my dorm building from across the street at night, and nearly every single window emitted either red, blue, or green hue. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked the idea of changing the colors of my room depending on my mood, but I just didn’t like how they looked when they were turned off. (Plus, I couldn’t really reach the top of my wall without pulling a death-defying stunt on my rocking desk chair.)

Lighting is really important to me — I will avoid turning on my overhead lights at all costs. They’re either too harsh or the color is just too off-putting. Lamps are my go-tos and one of the first purchases I make when I move into a new place — a really fantastic lamp can entirely change the vibes of the room it’s in for the better. The super modern, TikTok-favorite Govee Floor Lamp is one such lamp that will have you throwing your old LED lights out for good.

What is the Govee Floor Lamp?

Govee’s floor lamp takes mood lighting to another level. With more than 16 million — yeah, you read that right — color options that you can pick once you download the Govee app, you can try out literally anything you can think of, and more. The temperature and brightness can be adjusted, so if firetruck red, for instance, becomes intense but you still want to keep the color, you can turn it down to a less abrasive level. 

One of the coolest features of the lamp is that it can be synced with music through the app, too, which is perfect for parties or entertaining. You don’t necessarily even need the app for all the commands, since you can manage it via Alexa or Google Assistant, which is especially convenient if you’ve left your phone in another room.

In my opinion, even though the color and adjustment options alone already put it over most other color-changing light products on the market, the best aspect of this lamp is how sleek it looks in any area of the house. Even when it’s not in use, its slim and modern design fits well with any home aesthetic. Its thin frame also means that it’s ideal for small spaces and moving it between rooms, which is an enormous bonus. It’ll look stylish out in the open, but you can also place it behind a floor mirror, for instance, or tuck it away in a corner so the colored light is all you can see.

What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying

If you’ve been looking for a sign to ditch your college-era LED lights for a more adult option  — or you have been on the hunt for stylish color-changing lighting — this is it! It’s $15 cheaper than usual on Amazon, thanks to a coupon that you can apply at checkout, so you’ll want to grab it ASAP!

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