December 2023 With Glenyse Thompson & A Street Prints

Wrapping up another year of Designer Desktops is Glenyse Thompson, a Florida-based contemporary artist known for her vibrant and ethereal paintings. In her recent works, Thompson’s use of liquid inks create organic shapes and flows are scented with a hand-drawn “conversation,” what she calls the sculptural forms that are featured in each of her works.

For this month’s Desktop, her Florida Daybreak design for A Street Prints is a soothing abstract wall mural with washes of blues, teal, purple and green. The 5-panel mural is inspired by calm yet deep waters and adds a colorful backdrop to modern spaces.

Florida Daybreak

living room with watercolor mural wallpaper

Florida Daybreak

Get the same soothing mural for your tech devices with the links below!

DESKTOP: 1024×768 \ 1280×1024 \ 1680×1050 \ 1900×1200 \ 2560×1440

MOBILE: iPhone XS \ iPhone XS Max \ iPad Pro

Additional original work by Glenyse Thompson:

watercolor painting

Wonderland II, 22″ circular painting

watercolor painting

I Do Envy (As We Are The Unaccepted), 18×12″ painting

watercolor painting

Gifted in the Art of Conversation, 16×12″ painting

Learn more about Glenyse Thompson here and A Street Prints here.

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