Decorating My Family’s New Living Room with Castlery — OLD BRAND NEW

Sponsored by Castlery

Right before the holidays, I was able to upgrade my mom, sister, and niece from a one bedroom apartment to a three bedroom house rental. It was especially tough for them to be all packed like sardines during lockdown so I had to help them out. My mom finally retired after being laid off last year so I’m excited for this new chapter. It’s been a long time coming and everyone deserves their own space. Also, my niece just started high school so she’s happy to have some teenage privacy. 

Since it’s a bigger space that means we need new furniture to fill it up. And we’re excited to partner with Castlery to show you how we’re gonna decorate the living room and dining room. Castlery offers affordable modern designs. Their styles are really clean lines so they’re versatile. Their selections are more curated so you don’t feel overwhelmed shopping. And they have all the key foundation pieces to get your spaces going. Shipping was pretty quick too for Los Angeles so I’m happy we were able to get the space up and running before the holidays.

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