Decorating Smart With Amazon Devices — OLD BRAND NEW

This blog was sponsored by Amazon.

The holiday season is always a time filled with traditions. I didn’t grow up with a Christmas tree and we didn’t have any traditions besides opening presents on Christmas day. And the presents were always just sitting in a dusty corner or on our coffee table. This year, I’ll be in New Orleans for the holidays which means I’ll be away from my family. Thankfully my Amazon Devices can help us stay connected. 

I’ve been working with Amazon this year, so I’ve gotten familiar with all their Devices and smart home products. My home is already set-up up to function more efficiently, and for the holidays I wanted to set up my fam, too, and make their season a little more festive and less stressful (especially because I won’t be there to help). 

One thing my family has never done all together is decorate a Christmas tree! I know that seems crazy, but for whatever reason it’s just never come together. But with the help of Amazon Smart Plugs, we finally made it happen! Since I won’t be with them on Christmas, I headed over to my mom’s house a little early, where along with my sister and niece, we had a blast decking out the tree with ribbons, ornaments, and twinkling lights — which now they’ll be able to turn on and off using a simple voice command thanks to Alexa. 

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