Design Milk’s Favorites From NeoCon 2023

We’ve already shared the Best of NeoCon winners with you, but we also wanted to put a few of our other favorites from NeoCon 2023 on your radar. Certain trends – privacy booths, acoustic walls, and the crossover between indoor and outdoor furniture – continue to gain strength, while others are newer to the industry. Small lockers had a large presence, geared toward offices without assigned desks, or those whose employees work remotely part of the time. There was also a plethora of curves throughout, including chairs, modular bench seating, lighting, and even space dividers. NeoCon 2023 was filled with so much fantastic commercial design! We’ve narrowed down the long list to ten brands and products that were real standouts.

Seen above, Andreu World’s sustainable commercial furniture always makes a statement, with plenty of beautiful seating included. I love the extra high back and sheer presence the ergonomic Capri Executive chairs hold around a conference table.


BuzziSpace continues to expand its collection of acoustic lighting. For this year’s show, the brand nested a few of its BuzziTubes concentrically on a wall, rather than suspending them from the ceiling! A statement, sculpture, and lighting all in one.

light red/pink curved bench seating with red chairs and white tables

Scandinavian Spaces

Scandinavian Spaces does curvaceous commercial furniture so well. At NeoCon, they set up a cafe of sorts with tables, chairs, and benches in one of my own personal favorite color combinations – pink and red. It’s so easy to sit and stay a while with these pieces.

two wood and felt rocking chairs with cushions


Darran makes the crossover between commercial and residential furniture look easy. The rocking version of the brand’s Dove Seating feels designed equally well for a waiting room or a living room, and I really love the way they mix and match materials.

tan and royal blue abstract room dividers


Made from paper, textile, and wood, molo’s softwall and softblock were spread throughout one of the show’s floors, creating nooks for attendees to grab a bite in privacy or decompress for a moment. Flexible and stretchable, the possibilities are all but endless.

eight dining and office chairs of differing styles and colors on a podium


Falcon’s showroom had a lot of unexpected pieces, including an outdoor dining booth, but the brand’s Sedera seating collection caught my eye. The versatile seating series includes everything from side chairs to (stackable!) counter stools, all available in a rainbow of colors and combinations.

maroon and pink room with its wall and ceiling covered in tube-like acoustic material and a chair and side table


TURF prizes the creative installations of its products as much as the lightweight panels themselves. This year, the showroom included several areas with acoustic panels mounted to the ceiling, like Reed, seen here. The brand also introduced a felt product that resembles real wood – until you touch it. (I couldn’t tell from even 3-inches away!)

white sofa with light bentwood tray/table


The sleek aesthetic of NaughtOne’s wood Riley pull up table is what drew me into the brand’s showroom. I immediately began thinking of all the different ways this beauty could be used when paired with benches, sofas, and chairs.

large light pink high-back chair with half circle blue pillow


Hightower’s showroom continues to impress, year after year. I loved all of the new pieces, but the FourAll® Lounge really grabbed my attention in a room full of people. Add high back chairs to the developing trends 2023 list!

ribbon-like red bench


Schiavello’s Hedge Seating created a lot of talk at The Mart, and it’s abundantly clear why. The bench’s undulating foam form accommodates every type of body and – let’s be honest – it looks like it could be in a modern design museum.

Photography by Kelly Beall.

Kelly Beall is senior editor at Design Milk. The Pittsburgh-based graphic designer and writer has had a deep love of art and design for as long as she can remember, and enjoys sharing her finds with others. When undistracted by great art and design, she can be found making a mess in the kitchen, consuming as much information as possible, or on the couch with her three pets. Find her @designcrush on social.

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