Gensler Goes Big With Experiential Clubhouse Office for Huge

Huge is no stranger to working with big ideas. The digital agency shares that it “creates products and experiences that grow ambitious brands,” including clients like Google, M&M’S, LEGO, TEZOS, Adobe, and more. It only makes sense that the environment where innovative and bold ideas come to life matches the agency’s ethos for pushing boundaries and redefining what’s possible. With their new headquarters in Brooklyn’s Navy Yard, Huge worked with Gensler to design not just an office space, but a creative playground – one where their industry-leading talents can continue to generate exciting concepts and collaborations that propel brands even further.

Huge occupies that top two tenant floors of the Dock 72 building on Brooklyn’s waterfront. Gensler collaborated with the agency’s in-house facility, Huge Habitats, to create a new office space that embodies the brand. This meant that to align with what the company represents, the headquarters needed to be flexible, adaptable, forward-thinking, and future-focused.

Modern office interior with glass walls, a man walking past a meeting room where several people are seated around a table, city skyline visible through large windows

Modern office space with employees working at desks and in lounge areas, featuring large windows and an urban view

Modern office lounge area with people relaxing and working, featuring stylish furniture, large windows with a city view, and a reception desk

You won’t find an abundance of rectangular desks, isolating cubicles, or endless rows of workstations. Only circular-shaped tables outfit the space to encourage inclusivity and collaboration. The furniture can be easily reconfigured to match the user preferences, as well as work needs for a particular team or project. Vignettes to spotlight current clients and brands can be found with bespoke furnishings and lighting. In line with their values regarding sustainability, 575 items were repurposed and incorporated into the space. After its completion, the project earned Fitwel 2 Stars, certifying the office’s commitment to health and well-being, and LEED Silver, an indication of Huge’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

Modern office at dusk with employees working at desks and a reception area, city view through large windows, stylish interior with soft lighting

Modern office lounge with people sitting and standing, featuring large windows with city skyline views and spherical pendant lights

A modern office break room with triangular ceiling lights, where a diverse group of employees wearing vr headsets is guided by a woman standing

Huge knows that the future has yet to be written by its talented team and the possibilities are endless for its clients. Now, it has the office to support those endeavors.

Modern office break room with people socializing and getting coffee, featuring stylish bar seating, pendant lighting, and panoramic city views

Modern office lounge with comfortable seating, stylish lighting, and a city view, occupied by several people working and conversing.

A woman presents on a screen in a modern, dimly-lit conference room with attentive listeners seated on sofas

Modern office lounge area with employees sitting on round ottomans, large windows showcasing city skyline, and unique wooden ceiling design

To learn more about Huge visit And to see more of Gensler’s work find their portfolio at

Photography by Rafael Gamo, courtesy of Gensler.

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