Honey-Can-Do Toilet Tank Storage Tray: QVC Reviews

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A poorly designed, cramped bathroom can be an endless source of frustration. It gets cluttered fast when you don’t have roomy cabinets, and there’s no floor space for a rolling cart to store extra items. You have to get strategic and start thinking outside of the box, especially if you’re renting and can’t install storage solutions. Luckily, there are a number of ingenious products out there that are designed to tackle this very problem and totally transform seemingly unusable areas — like the top of the toilet tank, for one.

We’ve all seen the wobbly eyesores that are over-the-toilet shelving units. Though there are a few exceptions, most are bulky, disrupt the bathroom’s aesthetic, and are pretty flimsy on the whole. But what if you could still use the area above the toilet, have it look sleek and stylish, and get the benefits of a two-in-one product? It almost sounds too good to be true, but the ​​Honey-Can-Do Toilet Tank Storage Tray checks all of those boxes.

What is the Honey-Can-Do Toilet Tank Storage Tray?

We’ve all tried stacking things on top of the toilet — and subsequently witnessed them falling off the toilet. Whether it be extra toilet paper or toiletries, it makes sense for them to go there if you’re lacking counter space, but without a sort of container for the items, you run the risk of them falling behind the toilet — or worse, in it. 

This smart and stylish Honey-Can-Do metal tray fits neatly on top of the tank, and with its high sides, there’s no chance anything moves out of place. (Though it’s worth keeping in mind that it works best on flat or very slightly rounded tank lids for the most security!) Let’s not forget the biggest bonus of all: It has a rod for toilet paper, so if you completely lack a wall-mounted toilet paper holder, it’s way too far to reach, or you just want an accessible extra roll, you’ll be covered.

What QVC Reviewers are Saying

A game changer, indeed! Once you see how it transforms one bathroom, you’ll want one for every bathroom in your house. Storage solutions aren’t always stylish, but this one elevates your space functionally and aesthetically.

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