How I Maintain a Stylish, Clean Home with Three Pets — OLD BRAND NEW

Sponsored by BISSELL

Our home just wouldn’t feel complete without our pets, but that doesn’t mean that life with fur babies is without its occasional messes. Thankfully, teaming up with BISSELL has helped us all live together in harmony by keeping our spaces clean and tidy. After all, when it comes to these three cuties, we want to be spending more time snuggling and less time stressing about hair, dirt, litter, and the other occasional accidents that come with the territory of being a pet parent. 

A little bit about our crew: My partner and I have two pups and a cat, and all three are rescues from New Orleans. Luigi is 10 and he’s the most active one of the bunch. He’s super needy, in your face, and always getting into trouble. Sterling is 9, and he’s basically the opposite of his brother. He’s the most chill and laziest dog ever — sometimes even too lazy to even go out to potty. And then there’s Verbena. She’s 2.5 and definitely the queen of our house. She found us the week before we moved out of our home. She loves being around photoshoots as if she’s the art director, but when she’s off duty she loves snuggles and has always been chill about traveling.

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