Mixing Modern With a Mid-Century Brazilian Aesthetic

Casa Figueira is a stunning family home nestled in the tranquil suburb of Rose Bay in Sydney, Australia. Named after a century-old, heritage-protected fig tree, Casa Figueira was brought to life through a collaborative effort between buck&simple: doers of stuff (lead architect), Luigi Rosselli Architects (original architect), Atelier Alwill (interior design), and Dangar Barin Smith (landscape architect).

Casa Figueira strikes the perfect balance between a contemporary style and a mid-century Brazilian aesthetic. Inspired by the desire to create an open-air living space, the architects sought to bring together form and function. Off-form board concrete ceilings are juxtaposed with American Walnut joinery, helping to draws the eye towards the surrounding landscape. Generous open-plan living spaces merge seamlessly with a central courtyard, inviting nature right into the home.

angled exterior view of white house with patio

angled exterior view of white house with patio with various pieces of furniture

The main living space, flanked by two long sides with sliding glass doors, becomes an open air pavilion complete with a kitchen that has a solid stainless steel island on one side and a sunken living room on the other.

angled exterior view of curvy white modern house

One of the main concerns during the design process was to ensure that Casa Figueira withstood the test of time. The architects approached this challenge with meticulous thought, selecting materials and detailing that would weather well. Extensive research and collaboration with suppliers led to the use of non-ferrous metals, resilient protective coatings, and wood finishes. The result creates a cohesive style throughout the home, where aged brass is paired with raw concrete and warm wood details.

exterior side view of modern house with brown and white exterior

angled exterior view of modern house

front exterior view of modern brown and white curvy house

close front door view of wood and white house

backyard exterior view looking up stone stairs to back of house

interior entry shot of curved staircase with skylight above

The entrance door, etched in bronze, welcomes guests, while a gracefully curved foyer with open stairs guides visitors inside. A round skylight filters natural light down creating an ever-changing play of light and shadow as the day progresses.

interior shot of curved staircase with skylight above

interior shot of curved staircase with skylight above

angled interior view of modern kitchen with wood and stainless cabinets

interior view of modern kitchen with wood and stainless cabinets

partial view of modern living room with modern chair in front of fireplace

view from wood lined hallway looking into powder room

view of wood paneled powder room with round barrel green sink

partial interior view of modern bedroom with dark decor

small home office in corner

angled view into modern bathroom

Photography by Prue Ruscoe, courtesy of BowerBird.

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