Modern Camper Van With a Super High Interior Ceiling

If you’ve ever been inside a camper van or watched someone else in one, you know that oftentimes one has to slouch or bend over due to their low ceiling heights. Then there’s Noovo Plus who is setting out to change that. Built on the Super High Roof platform, this innovative vehicle offers unparalleled comfort, versatility, and off-grid capabilities, making it an ideal choice for adventurers and remote workers alike.

The Noovo Plus boasts an interior design that’s takes inspiration from small Parisian apartments. With rounded cabinets and fine wood finishes, the camper van’s craftsmanship rivals that of high-end tiny homes. The 7-foot interior height ensures a spacious feel, while the 6-inch memory foam mattress on the Electric Power Lift Bed promises restful sleep after a day of exploration or travel. The bed’s 12V electric mechanism allows for easy conversion, transforming your living space into a cozy bedroom at the push of a button.

Interior of a modern camper van featuring a kitchenette, a small bathroom with a toilet, a microwave oven, a refrigerator, and a workspace with a laptop. Wood and white decor elements are prominent.

One of the standout features of the Noovo Plus is its robust off-grid capabilities. Equipped with a 660Ah lithium battery, expandable up to 1320Ah, and 400W solar panels, this camper van ensures you have reliable power no matter where your travels take you. The efficient on-demand air conditioner, which can run for up to 12 hours, keeps you cool in hot climates, while the 12-Volt elevated fridge keeps your food and drinks cold without the need to constantly stock up on ice. Satellite WiFi connectivity means you can stay connected to the world, even in the most remote locations.

Interior of a modern RV with a kitchenette on the left, a small dining area with a table and seating in the back, a bathroom to the right, and a refrigerator in the foreground.

Modern kitchen counter with a sleek stainless steel faucet, an illuminated wooden backsplash, a potted plant, and a built-in stainless steel sink.

Traveling in the Noovo Plus means never having to worry about water supply. With 40 gallons of fresh water and 40 gallons of grey water storage, the camper provides ample capacity for all your needs. The instant hot water system ensures you can enjoy a shower anytime, adding to the convenience of life on the road. The full-size bathroom, complete with a built-in toilet and powerful LED fan, offers privacy and comfort that are rare in the world of camper vans.

Interior of a modern RV, featuring a microwave above a refrigerator, a small dining area with a wooden table in the background, and bunk beds overhead.

A variety of kitchen drawers are designed for smooth and quiet closure yet they offer easy access to all of your utensils, dishes, and pantry goods.

Interior view of a camper van dining area with a wooden table, beige cushioned seating, and a potted plant. The windows reveal an ocean scene and a parked van outside.

The versatile U-shaped lounge serves as the heart of the Noovo Plus. This multifunctional area offers comfortable seating for up to four passengers, complete with seat belts, ensuring safety and convenience during travel. The lounge easily converts into an additional bed, allowing the van to sleep up to four people when needed. Whether you’re entertaining guests or unwinding after a day on the road, the Smart TV in the lounge adds home-like comfort, making the Noovo Plus a perfect blend of luxury and functionality.

The image shows a cozy RV interior with a wooden table, surrounding white cushioned seating, a mounted TV, and a window view of a beach. A potted plant sits in the center of the table.

A modern RV interior featuring a wooden dining table with a plant and candles, surrounded by white upholstered seating, natural wood accents, and ambient lighting.

Designed to handle all weather conditions, this camper van is truly made for all seasons. Whether navigating through winter storms or the brutal summer heat, this vehicle is equipped to keep you comfortable all year long. The efficient heating and cooling systems, along with the high-quality insulation, make it reliable for any adventure.

Wooden RV ceiling with a small interior control panel and a ventilation hatch.

Interior of a modern camper van featuring a kitchenette with a sink and stove, a seating area with white cushions, and a small bathroom with a toilet. The ocean is visible through rear windows.

Interior of a camper van with beige seating, two throw pillows, two windows, and a wall-mounted TV.

Interior of a modern camper van with a sink, countertop, plant, and small ladder leading up to a bed.

Interior of a compact camper van featuring a small kitchen, a bed with a ladder, and a bathroom with an orange towel.

angled interior view of modern camper van's suspended van

angled exterior camper van with silver exterior with sliding door open with man stepping out

front angled view of silver camper van with sliding door open in front of beach

A silver van with the company logo "noovo" is parked near the beach, with the ocean and sky visible in the background.

back angled view of silver camper van with sliding door open on beach

The Noovo Plus is available for pre-order now with shipping expected to happen later this year with prices starting at $178,000.

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