My Journey To Find The Most Comfortable Pajama Set Ever – AND I FOUND THEM

I had four pairs of my favorite pajamas that I’ve been wearing for YEARS. But someone (starts with B, ends in Uttercup) ate the crotch out of most of them over the last year which I’m trying to take as a compliment. I recently went to replace them and they no longer sell the set that I love which was devastating (they were from the Gap, had a henley shaped top and jogger shaped bottom but were so comfortable that I LIVED in them). So it felt time to go on a journey to find my next PJ uniform. What you are about to see isn’t a bunch of super cute/stylish PJs – I don’t care too much about how they look. I want comfort, I want soft fabric, I don’t want elastic to cut in ANYWHERE, and I want breathability. I want to feel like I’m practically naked in my bed because my PJs are so soft, weightless and comfortable that I don’t even notice them.

Full disclosure I think I have a sensory issue – I just really don’t like to feel my clothes on me. I take necklaces off within 10 minutes of wearing them, and I won’t even wear athleisure that is too tight (which is why these are my forever favorite leggings – I wear a medium). I think my extreme discomfort to anything that is uncomfortable is abnormal, which puts me in the unique position of really being able to recommend THE MOST COMFORTABLE anything. When I say it’s comfortable, you can for sure count on it.

I went to Nordstroms. I’ve tried some fancy stuff but I didn’t like them enough. So here is what I found that IS comfortable enough, and why.

Years ago (when I first shopped for my favorite PJs) I loved these and the ones from The Gap (the OG winner that is no longer available) and both were excellent. These are my backup if my Gap ones were dirty. I’ve had the long sleeve/pant and short sleeve version of this for a long time and they are great, too. For the price point they are VERY GOOD, drape easily, and have a soft and forgiving elastic waist. I’m wearing a medium here. These started pilling a bit on year three, which is NOT bad (and admittedly during Covid I almost exclusively wore PJs and athleisure so perhaps more wear and tear than usual).

These are my new favorites (tied closely with the J.Crew below). These are the same fabric that my OG pajamas were out of – this trademarked LENZING™ TENCEL™ Modal thing that the Gap does so well. It’s just so buttery soft, falls, stretches, drapes and breathes. Its so lightweight you feel like you aren’t wearing anything. I bought a small on top and medium bottoms and I’m going to get a medium on top going forward (these aren’t tight in the arms, but not as loose I prefer). They come in other colors, but I like the dark and plan on buying 2 more sets. WINNER WINNER. These present as expensive (and you have to buy separately) but they are always on some sort of sale so don’t buy unless you get the 30% off. I also love the pink and blue (but find that the black holds up to my self-tanner addiction quite well lol).

I hadn’t tried on Old Navy PJs in years. These are pretty cute, y’all – with boxy top and wide legged pants (with a slit up the leg). They were more of a satin/poly blend that I know a lot of people would like. I really like zero constriction in my PJs (I like stretchable and movable) so these are great for lounging around, less rolling around in bed (I hate when you roll and the fabric pulls or gets stuck). But they were good enough to show you.

Well well well. I was also very curious about their little satin sets and figured I’d give them a shot. I get nervous about cheap fabric to sleep in, especially when brands add a lot of bells and whistles (lace, bows, push up stuff) so I applaud how simple these are – they don’t look or feel cheap at all. While I wouldn’t say that these are “sexy” they might be what I bring on a weekend away versus my nightly set. I also just wish I had a more subtle color but I think these were the only ones in stock at the time.

I’ve been dying to give Skims a try and they did NOT disappoint. Oh my goodness the fabric was ribbed and so soft, with stretch and still really drape-y (it’s weightier so it drapes really nicely). We decided that these were by far the most flattering. I mean, Kim Kardashian cares about looking good/sexy. I just wish I had ordered a medium. These fit but the waistband was just a bit too noticeable when I was wearing them (meaning I could feel it, even though they didn’t cut in). If you want to splurge on a pair that is super flattering in a subtle way, these would be my pick. They are a bit thicker (but not thick) than the rest of them but still really lightweight (they cling in places, but since they are thick enough you can’t see bumps underneath and so soft that the kids were begging to snuggle with me).

I know, I know. They ALL LOOK ALIKE. This J.Crew version is also EXCELLENT, just a teeny tiny bit thicker than the Gap (which made them feel more high quality TBH). I love them almost equal amounts – the Gap wins slightly because their shorts have a cuter style and are a tiny bit sportier (literally no one will notice, they look identical) and the waistband was a bit thicker and sat on my hips in a nice way – loose, but not falling off. I’ve been mixing this top with the Gap bottoms and it’s my definite preference (but only because I need to size up on the Gap top).

Kaitlin and Gretchen agreed that these were the cutest and most “me”. The cut is a bit more modern and has some good detailing (piping accents, cute pocket). I wanted to try one poplin set, to really shake it up. I tested them out over a few nights and admittedly they are very comfortable to sleep in and didn’t constrict me like I thought they would. I still prefer the LENZING™ TENCEL™ Modal fabric from the Gap but if you want 100% cotton for extreme breathability, these are really good. Generally, I don’t love cheap poplin, but these felt high quality (but I haven’t washed and dried them yet). Definitely flattering, classic, and I felt cute in them.

Ok so here are my favorites in order:

First place: The Gap and J.Crew (Eco Dreamist) tie for big winner. The Gap is 10% thinner, but both are just extremely comfortable, flattering, drape nice, breathe well, and feel totally weightless in bed.

Second Place: Target. It’s just 4% less soft than the Gap/J. Crew (and still so soft!).

Third Place: Skims. I know I’ll reach for these more in winter when it’s chilly around the house.

Fourth Place: All the Old Navys. These are honestly really great, I just don’t love the satin as much as something that has more give and stretch.

I know that these are all pretty darn boring/basic, but I went into Nordstroms and tried on many others but none of them made the cut (at least what was in store). These win because the fabric, fit, and comfort level is very high which is all I care about. Ok GOODNIGHT!!!!!

*Photos by Kaitlin Green

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