Need Some New Holiday Decor?? We’ve Found All The Best (And Cutest) Options For You

Now that December really isn’t all that far away, I think it’s time to chat about holiday/Christmas decor. And look, this post is truly meant for those of you who maybe want to refresh a few things or who are just starting on their Christmas decor journey! What this post is not meant for is to make you feel like what you have isn’t good enough. NOPE. I definitely don’t need anything new… that was until I saw a few things that are now clearly on this list. But as of now, I’ve resisted. So I hope this is both helpful and/or can serve as some very joyful eye candy. Let’s deck these halls:

Decorative Paper Floor Trees | Paper Tree Christmas Decoration | Shape Studies Tabletop Trees

I don’t remember how many decorative trees I have for my ONE BEDROOM apartment (I think over 29??? Yikes!) but y’all they are such a fun and easy way to add instant holiday and a sculptural moment to your home. See those extra-large Acordian paper floor trees? Em bought these because they are so awesome and are the large versions of her favorite tabletop ones. I have the smaller ones too and love them. But if you also want the tabletop size then the ones in the middle photo are great and come in other colors. But if you want a more minimal Scandi vibe then the ceramic ones are so pretty.

Glittered Sisal Christmas Bottle Brush Tree Set (Set of 2) | Faux Potted Alpine Tree w/ Pine Cones | Sisal Christmas Bottle Brush Tree Set (Set of 6)

Bottlebrush trees are really what the bulk of my loot is. They are just so cute and come in a ton of different sizes and colors. I am more of a neutral gal but you can easily go big with color. Also how wonderful are those faux potted trees?! I adore the wood planters. Those could easily stay out all winter if you wanted!

Handcrafted German Pyramid & Candle | Flameless Christmas Window Candle | Blanche Snowflake Candle Holder

Lighting is so important for optimal coziness and candles just know how to get it done right. These three are so sweet each in their own way. The Handcrafted German Pyramid is so beautiful and charming! It comes in a variety of styles that you have to see. But if real fire isn’t what you want then this electric candle is a very cute alternative. Big fan of that wood base. But if taper candleholders are what you’re after then I don’t think you can go wrong with these snowflake ones🙂

White Travertine Nutcracker | Marble and Metal Star Figural | Female Soldier Nutcracker

Holiday figurines are another decor staple! I have a handful from my childhood that I have and love (despite their very real creepiness:)) These, however, are not creepy AND can stay with you and your family for years. This travertine nutcracker is the coolest and trendiest one on this list but is a beauty. I love this star and think it would be so pretty on a fireplace mantle in a little Christmas vignette. And I really love this female soldier nutcracker! We definitely didn’t have female soldier nutcrackers growing up (I don’t think they were an option?) and I think it’s so wonderful.

Plush Deer Wearing Scarf | Forest Friends Snowball Fight Felt Critters | Black Deer Looking Forward

A plush deer with a scarf? Get outta here. But if red isn’t in your color palette, there are 5 other color options. The black one is less “cutesy” but perfectly modern if that’s your look. I love both styles. But these little forest friends are what Christmas village dreams are made of. I picked the snowball fight for the graphic but they have a few that are equally as perfect! Buy them all! Do it for me and your village.

Pure Wood Light-Up Advent Calendar | Cindy Advent Calendar | Battery Operated Lit Wood Ski Lodge Christmas Advent Calendar

I always LOVED our advent calendars growing up. Sure ours were the chocolate ones from the grocery store but I love the idea of getting one that you can reuse year after year that can also add so much to your holiday decor. For a simple minimal one (that lights up!) go for the pure wood one. If you want a lot of whimsey I love the Cindy Advent Calendar. While $78 is not cheap I thought it would be a lot more. And for something in between, the ski lodge option is so so sweet and also lights up! You can’t lose with any of these.

Scalloped Metal Christmas Card Holder | Christmas Tree with Photo or Card Clips Display | Metal Bell Christmas Garland with Clips

The Bunges are BIG holiday card people but for as long as I can remember we’ve just put the ones we’d get in a bowl. Not the worst but we could’ve done better. I, on the other hand, display mine on my mantel (to be fair I maybe get about six each year so it’s a little more manageable) but having a wonderful little holder like that scalloped metal cutie would make them look even better. But that tree card holder is also very cute and the bell garland would be perfect hanging from a (non-working) fireplace or hung from your curtain rod!

Preserved Grass Leaf & Snowberry Christmas Wreath | Metal Mistletoe Wreath | Faux Cedar Hoop Christmas Wreath with Bell Ornaments

I know I did a post about faux trees and wreaths but I couldn’t help myself! I love the organic feel of that Preserved Grass Leaf. Another item you can keep up all winter long. Then if you are a modern lover, a metal wreath could be so fun! But if you want to keep it a little more classic then how wonderful is that faux cedar wreath with bells? 10/10.

Colorful Fabric Tree Decorative Christmas Wall Garland | Merry Christmas Garland | Metal Leaf Christmas Garland

Last year I had the grand idea of DIYing a felt garland. Was it worth it??? Well, I like how it turned out but it took daaays to make. So if you want to spare yourself hand cramps and hotglue burns I love all of these options. The “Merry Christmas” one is so freaking cute! It’s both joyful and simple. But if you want joyful but colorful then those little trees are a great pick! I’ve been really loving the idea of accenting with metal garland so that metal leaf one is pretty perfect.

Tarnished Brass Bell Garland | Ceramic Bell Garland | Constellation Iron Garland

But so are these brass bells and stars! There are too many good choices. Good luck picking:) The other “non-foliage” option that I found and LOVED are these ceramic bells. I think they are just beautiful.

Scallop Christmas Stocking | Reversible Christmas Holiday Stocking | Chunky Rib Knit Christmas Stocking

So there are two items on this list that I still might try to snag and one is that green scalloped stocking. IT’S SO PERFECT! Plus I’m trying to bring in more “happy color” into my Christmas decor. Should I?? I’ll get back to you. But two other wonderful options for my more neutral-loving friends are that reversible brown/gold velvet beauty and that classic chunky knit one. You can’t go wrong with any of them.

Felt Elf & Tree Stocking | Haptic Lab X FP Watercolor Stocking | Shorn Green Sheepskin Christmas Stocking

However, maybe you want a little more flare? Something personalized?? I love these felt Christmas scene ones! They have a bunch of them on the site so each person in your family can have their own unique design with their name on it. Then how beautiful is that watercolor stocking? So unique and supports a small brand (Haptic Lab that is). And while a solid color the texture of that green sheepskin stocking is SO GOOD! It’s fun without being “too crazy”.

Festive Plaid Christmas Tree Skirt | Bronson Tree Skirt | Leafy Embroidered Tree Skirt

Traditional, modern, and eclectic – one for each style! The large-scale pattern of the plaid makes the traditional look feel really fresh. Then I’m sure it will come as no surprise that I also VERY MUCH want to buy that checkerboard tree skirt. It would look so good in my apartment! Maybe it would look good in yours too:) And finally, that embroidered one is extremely special. Like keep in your family for generations special. Basically, you can’t lose with any of these.

Botanical Christmas Tree Topper with Clip | Hugging Polar Bear Tree Topper | Hedy Tree Topper

Why not add some whimsy to the top of your Christmas tree?? That little Santa polar bear couldn’t be sweeter. The stars and sun beauty is just that…A BEAUTY! A total stunner that I also now kinda want since I don’t have a tree topper. But for a great and very affordable option, I love this golden botanical one. I think it looks like a snowflake:)

Botanical Clip Christmas Ornaments (Set of 10) | Gold Clip On Candle Lights (Set of 10) | Paper Christmas Ornament

Ornaments are very personal so these are going to mostly be your base layer types, not the sentimental ones. And since keeping things easy is ideal when decorating a tree, ornaments that clip on sound like a dream! How cute are those little golden-leaf ones?? Then those clip-on candles are what my Christmas tree dreams are made out of! A vintage feel that won’t burn down your tree sounds goooood to me. Now, this beautiful pink paper ornament is not what I could call a “base layer” ornament but it was too good not to include (especially when it’s only $4).

Wood Accordion Christmas Ornaments (Set of 4) | Brass Leaf Ornaments (Set Of 4) | Christmas Ornaments (Set of 6)

Here are a few more base layer beauties. For the minimal Scandi crowd, these wooden accordion ornaments are awesome. For the modern folks, brass foliage is IN this year but feels classic enough to stand the test of time meaning these brass leaves are perfect for your tree. And for my Christmas traditionalists, these red and white ornaments are festive and perfect to add some fun to your tree.

Woven Plaid Square Throw Pillow | Oversized Lumbar Woven Tree Pillow | Bubble Quilted Fur Pillow Cover

Sometimes changing a pillow or two can really change the feel of a room. Personally, I like holiday pillows that capture the holiday feeling rather than spelling it out. All types are great but I love these three. You might even keep that quilted white one on for the whole year! But the green and lumbar ones are also perfect for all winter long.

Winter Plaid Woven Throw Blanket | Andy Throw Blanket | Chunky Knit Throw Blanket

I also like to keep the blankets season-friendly rather than holiday-friendly. You just get more use out of them. How wonderful is that green plaid and that chunky cream knit?? Now the navy one in the middle is a little more holiday but I love love the colors and those blankets remind me of my mom (she used to make coats out of them… and yes, we had many holiday versions:)).

Battery Operated Lit Wide Ceramic House | Battery Operated Lit Metal House | Ceramic House LED Tea Light Holder Set (Set of 3)

Holiday villages = childhood Christmas! We actually had a bunch of the California missions that Mervyn’s used to sell but I digress. A little holiday village, even it’s it’s only a few, is the perfect way to create a happy vignette. They also add a little mood lighting with the space since a lot of them light up. Again we have three different houses in three different styles (they each have more than one style of house so your village can look collected:)) – the white one with the glitter roof is more traditional, the black one is cool and modern, and the tan ceramic ones are minimalist!

Decorative Glass & Brass Christmas Houses (Set of 3) | Phillipe Woody Blood Orange & Conifer Wooden House Candle | Fair Isle Glass House

These are all a bit more eclectic! Glass, wood, mirrors oh my! They could even mix and match a little which would look so fun and interesting. Style. Play, Every. Day. 😉

Damask Embroidered Cotton Runner | Modern Farmhouse Hand Embroidered Linen Table Runner | Woodland Deer Paper Placemats (Set of 12)

We’re not saying you need your table set at all times during the holidays – absolutely NOT! But, a pretty table runner is an easy way to “holiday up” your table and still have full access to it. The red and white embroidered one is the cousin to the tree skirt from earlier. I love this style so much it had to be on here twice. However, I also deeply love the blue one which could also be used year-round. Then I had to add those paper placemats because I think they were too beautiful not to show you.

Ok, all done! Hope this helps fill any holiday decor holes and happy decorating!!

Love you, mean it.

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: How Sara Created Her First Traditional But Youthful Christmas (With All Target)

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