New Runner for Our Hallway — OLD BRAND NEW

For this area, I wanted something colorful since I kept the walls white. What’s great about Revival is that they categorize their rugs in five different sizes so it makes it easier to find the perfect rug for your space. You can also sort by color, style, and even price to really help narrow your search. But what I really love about Revival is that they have a very curated collection of both vintage and new rugs. This makes it fun and not overwhelming to shop for rugs. 

It took me less than five minutes before finding their Dahl runner from their Elemental collection. It’s got orange and teal colors which I’m always such a sucker for. My kitchen is green with some citrus accents so it’s fun to tie that into this space. It really brightens up the hallway and makes it feel like my very own catwalk! Ha! And I like that it’s a shag rug so it’s super soft with a bit of shine. And the great thing about this shag rug is that it doesn’t shed cause they’re hand knotted. My hallway is finally complete!

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