Oh hey! It's me, Dab!

If you’re new around here, hiii! I’m Dab and I’m a designer and artist. I have a voracious appetite for infusing color into spaces. I believe color and decorating was how I pacified a lot of my issues growing up as a queer Asian American. I almost always grab a bag of BBQ chips whenever I’m in the chips aisle. I love dirty martinis. Some of my favorite comfort foods are Hainan chicken rice, bún riêu, and bucatini. I split my time between Los Angeles and New Orleans with my husband and three fur babies. I used to have over 30 plants in my home and as of today, I’m down to two! Anywho, I’ll save more of my journey for ya in my new book, Old Brand New.

As someone who struggled with stringing along sentences and failed many English exams, I never thought in a million years I would write a book. English was my second language. Even though I was born in the states, my family are first generation immigrants, so I didn’t learn English until I went to kindergarten. I even had an English tutor my freshman year at UC Santa Cruz. I remember for my Asian Art History class, instead of writing a 10-page paper, I decided to paint a 22×30 landscape to show what I learned. It was a beautiful piece and I got a B! I like to think that my professor framed it haha.

After college and a string of random jobs, I turned to blogging in 2010. Writing about what I love was way easier but it still requires a lot of brain power. I love sharing and inspiring other people who might be on a similar journey as me to find their creative path, to start decorating, and find their own light (and color confidence).

Fast forward 15 years later, I can’t believe I actually wrote a book. And to be honest, my favorite parts of Old Brand New are actually the intro and conclusion where I share my journey into design and also what I want you all to take away from this book. I can’t wait for August 29 when my book is out in the world and I can share with you the sanctuary and empowerment I found in design and color. I realized that my story is worth telling through spaces, and I promise you that yours is too. Happy AANHPI month!

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