See a 1910 Bedroom’s “Warm, Vintage, and Playful” Makeover

Two wardrobes add storage. 

The wardrobes to the right of the fireplace are painted the same green as the ceiling, but they weren’t always that color. “We originally painted these cabinets glossy black like the window and floor, but over time found them too overbearing in the space,” Nina says. “We decided to sand them back and repaint them the same pale green … to blend in with the Art Deco wallpaper.”

Down the line, she says she might also swap the glossy black (Benjamin Moore’s Black) window frame and floor for a soft green “so the whole room would be color-drenched.” (“Watch this space!” Nina says.) The other thing she’d change in hindsight is using real wood instead of MDF for the wardrobes. “We believed the carpenter when he said that once they were painted, you wouldn’t know the difference,” Nina says. “You totally do — the texture gives it away.”

Still, she’s happy with the functionality added and the new, calm-yet-cheery vintage vibe of her bedroom, and she has some sage advice for the road: Interiors evolve over time, and sometimes living in a space for a while can make you change your mind. 

“I loved the black wardrobes initially — the unapologetic boldness of them — but as time passed, I felt that they dominated the rest of the decor too much,” Nina says. “A calmer balance was required.” Now, after the £5000, or approximately $6,300, makeover, she has a “calm, vibrant, warm, vintage, and playful” bedroom, she says. “A true reflection of us!”

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