September 2023 With Ray Dak Lam

Ray Dak Lam is a graphic designer and illustrator based in Edmonton, Canada with a penchant for using big colors – and lots of them. Throughout his career, Ray has had the opportunity to creatively work with big brands like McDonalds, GoDaddy, Asana, and more, all while keeping up with his personal practice at the same time. The project he’s been most diligent with is “Shape Studies,” something that began during the pandemic as a fresh and challenging creative outlet to keep the gears turning. Ray has managed to stick with the project ever since, working within the basic fundamentals of shape, line, and texture to explore the limitless graphic possibilities within those parameters.

This month’s Designer Desktop shares one of Ray’s “Shape Studies” explorations, with a background pattern using “perspective and textured gradations to evoke the sensation of journeying through a surreal and vibrant landscape.” Mission accomplished.

Download this month’s desktop below!

Shape Studies

colorful illustration of an island

Client: McDonalds

blue, green, orange, and yellow illustration

Client: Brookfield Properties

pink, blue, green, and yellow wall mural with a person walking in front of it

Client: Doughnut Party

colorful alphabet design

white, black, and red illustrated tiger on a pink background with the words Happy Lunar New Year

black and white image of a man with shoulder-length dark hair wearing a black t-shirt with his arms crossed and smiling

Ray Dak Lam

DESKTOP: 1024×768 \ 1280×1024 \ 1680×1050 \ 1900×1200 \ 2560×1440

MOBILE: iPhone XS \ iPhone XS Max \ iPad Pro

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