Swipe Right Into Tinder’s 7-Story West Hollywood Headquarters

Tinder’s new headquarters in West Hollywood, California designed by Rapt Studio could be imagined as a thoughtful response to the transformative changes that have affected the corporate workplace dynamics the last few years. The seven-story, 77,000-square-foot project, handled by the same creative consultancy responsible for developing other creative spaces for the likes of Google, Dropbox, and Vans, is imagined to reestablish the pandemic-frayed ties that bind individuals into creative collaborative teams – and by extension, between the app users they seek to support – designing a multi-level headquarters layered with a multitude of opportunities for collaboration and connection.

Rapt Studio began the project by researching existing public space typologies, from the town square to the speakeasy, that empower a progressive deepening of ties that bind workers with their work in an organic manner.

Wide open communal space with open doors, and several Tinder employees conversing, others checking their mobile devices.

Modeled after a town square, The Commons is the largest and most expansive of the spaces, and also the entry point into Tinder’s new headquarters. The airy environment is intended to encourage casual interactions and large enough to accommodate for company-wide gatherings.

Woman at green round table seated at her laptop at Tinder's in-house coffee cafe seated around a circular built-in cushioned seating area.

Tinder's coffee bar with barista preparing a shot with two employees seated at the bar laughing and woman in the background seated at a table work from her laptop.

The café — or “Boost Bar” — sits on the second floor, giving employees access to the skills of an in-house barista, and in turn providing an informal space to work away from the desk.

Back view of man in green long sleeve shirt looking at white wall displaying a mix of emojis and other icon-based graphics protruding from the surface, alongside a "Game Over" sign glowing to the left.

Wide view of long glass table following a long white wall displaying a mix of emojis and other icon-based graphics protruding from the surface, alongside a "Game Over" sign glowing to the left. Orange bannered lighting is overhead.

The IT help desk is fashioned after the nostalgic memories of the neighborhood arcade.

Room with two sides of corner sliding doors open with a "La Galleria" sign outside with "WIP" displayed on it; people inside are moving standing desks on wheels.

Diffuse lighting, custom modular furniture on wheels, and walls clad in top-to-bottom whiteboards all inhabit La Galleria, a room drawing its atmosphere from the workshops and displays of an artist studio.

Two women seated at a hot pink desk and chairs near floor to ceiling bookshelves inside Tinder headquarters.

A custom hot-pink central table with cutouts and bookshelves filled with a few books and design objects, with muted pink carpeting.

A custom hot-pink central table with cutouts along the edges offers a surprisingly idiosyncratic hue to the space’s otherwise muted purpose.

Young woman seated and laughing, looking at her laptop seated in a gray armchair with bookshelf in background and backpack on the floor.

Floor six is dedicated to quieter activities and appropriately demarcated as The Stacks, a tranquil communal space fashioned after a library.

Nine Tinder employees standing and seated across various plush deep blue upholstered seats undulating across a muted blue checker carpeted floor.

Deep blue hues across plush fabrics, with curvilinear walls and curtains framing windows overlooking the LA skyline give the pinnacle seventh floor a nightclub vibe. Seating arrangements are situated to encourage engagement within intimate groups – a “secret” employee getaway of sorts.

“Connection is at the heart of the Tinder brand,” says Rapt Studio CEO and Chief Creative Officer David Galullo. “To design a space that deepens connection within Tinder, we looked to the places where we typically build relationships and then mapped them onto a floor plan. The end project emphasizes how design itself can be a force of connection.”

Outdoor seating area with brick floor, black metal chairs and tables, alongside a trio of red and light purple stools surrounded by large palm leaf plants.

Tinder’s new HQ shares some similarities to Rapt Studio’s previous project, The Schoolhouse, a creative office for The Google School for Leaders. Each share the goal to spur informal engagements between team members by carving out both shared and intimate spaces, and furnished to empower employees to adapt those spaces to their needs on an as-needed basis.

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