The Design Collabs We Have Been WAITING For And Other News We Didn’t Know We Needed:)

There are usually at least two times a month that I just randomly exclaim, “DESIGN IS SO COOL!” That could be because of a wild before and after makeover, a random thing I see on the IRL or internet, OR a new collaboration. I freaking love seeing the minds of a designer and a brand collide into making something that screams them. This post consists of mostly those. Incredible collaboration of different styles from the hearts of friends and people we admire in the industry. This is the kinda of news I want!

I feel pretty confident that we are ALL waiting for this new collaboration to drop with Sarah! While she keeps her color palettes neutral, she really leans into incredible shapes and small details. That’s why they are also so exciting…like this cabinet.

Lee Tall Dresser

I mean what a gem! And what’s even more fun, if you follow her on social media, is that she drops little easter eggs with the current things she’s designing. This square door design for instance (and if my memory serves me correctly) was first tested out with a large room door she designed and her dad built for the SSS Showhouse. It’s moments like these that really make me love her work even more and feel her so deeply in them.

Laughlin Sideboard

And how cool is this cutie?? It makes SUCH a statement and yet is really simple. This is the total power of shapes! Think how fun it would be to mix this piece into a more traditional room?? Oh, and it also comes in a nightstand version which I also very much love.

Dashell Ottoman | Essie Hemp Sham | Ripple Nightstand

More fun things! I adore the base shape and wood tone of the ottoman paired with her playful fabric. It could work in so many spaces. Then if you are more of a minimalist design-wise in the bedroom, like me, then these squiggle-edge pillow shams are really perfect. They have a few different colors too! And the wonderful squiggles continue with this sweet nightstand.

Velvet Clover Pillow | Checkerboard Bath Mat | Kohta Pillow

More bold shapes! Um, a chunky, elevated clover-shaped pillow???? Sign me up! Designing an “interestingly-shaped” pillow that doesn’t look like it’s exclusively for a kids’ room isn’t easy but Sarah nailed it with these (two more colors available). The other two pieces may have been made for just me in mind because you can bury me surrounded by checks and circles. I truly might buy that bathmat for my bathroom (it comes in two sizes and two other colors) and that pillow is simply perfect! But it also comes in a square if you need:)

There is so much more to this collection that the team and I loved so go see for yourself.

I LOVE looking at wallpapers but it’s not super frequent that I am thinking “Oh, if the style of my decor was (insert decor style) I would use this in a second!” I mean adding in wallpaper can feel overwhelming. HOWEVER, I truly love this drop from Jenni Yolo (from I Spy DIY) and Chasing Paper SO MUCH! Let me show you.

Cosmo Block Print | Tulip Ticking Stripe

First off, yes, there are more pretty patterns but these two spoke to me the most. They read classic, fresh, and interesting. I really dig the red and dark tan option for the Cosmo Block print paper but the neutral white and light tan is stunning in that kitchen above if color is too intense for you or your home (they also have one more color option!). Then look at that navy Tulip Ticking Stripe. It’s perfect? Yes, perfect:) A very not boring stripe that also isn’t too visually overstimulating. But if the blue isn’t your preference, it comes in two other colorways!


Ummmm, did you also know that Chasing Paper sells prints starting at $15 with the option to frame??? Maybe I’m late on this but I had no idea and think it’s so cool! They have some really pretty nature scapes (like the one above) if you are in the market.

Op 66 Black And Ivory Wool Tapestry

I’m a little embarrassed to say that before this collab I didn’t know anything about the MCM design icons, Evelyn and Jerome Ackerman. And while I need to do more of a deep dive, I really love the collection that CB2 did honoring them. How cool are these modern tapestries? What a perfect and cool way to bring texture and dimension to your wall! I just can’t decide what color I like more. This art is right up my personal alley:)

Autumn Trees Black Wool Tapestry

Then they did this design and my socks were been fully blown off. Somehow this is neural AND really colorful which is my ideal combo. If I didn’t already have 1000 pieces of abstract art, this would be mine.

Quarto Framed Wall Art (Set of 4) | Stria Sienna Brown Woven Silk Throw Pillow

I would also buy these pieces of art too! If you love them but don’t need all four, they are also sold separately! But there is a MAJOR deal if you do want all four:) Then this pillow is such a great pattern addition to any room and that color is stunning. It also comes in a lumbar size.

Tovek Grey Terracotta Vase | Luma Hand-Knotted Ivory New Zealand Wool Rug

These are two more decor pieces I really loved from the collection. That vase truly looks handmade and vintage which is so cool. Plus the design and tones are so pretty. Oh, and that rug could work in almost any home! It comes in other sizes and a darker color but I love the design color mixup and the asymmetrical pattern. Too good!

Printed Comforter and Sham Set

Another incredible collection by the Jungalow and Target teams! I am here for all of these colors (especially of the berry variety). How beautiful is this floral comforter and sham set? The color is obviously awesome but look at the movement in the pattern. It’s GOOD.

Concentric Wave Blue Bath Rug | Hand Towel

I also really love this bright blue. It’s happy but not too youthful for us adults:) That bath mat is so cool and that hand towel (which comes in more colors and a variety set) is giving tile pattern which I love too.

Seasons Go Round Shower Curtain with Tassels | In The Name of Love Clipped Shower Curtain

Well, if you need a shower curtain then look no further than these two! One for the color lovers and one for the neutral lovers. Both are awesome (but there are more on the site if you want to check them out).

Stacking Bath Canister

Um, I just think this canister is the cutest and I really love that color combo! The fact that it’s practical for bathroom storage is just a perk for me:)

Marble Bookend

Don’t underestimate the decor power of a cool bookend! And these can be cool bookends or just cool objects meaning they can go anywhere in your house.

Chenille Square Geometric Patchwork with Tassels | Banana Bowl Basket

That pillow looks really expensive to me but is only $25 (because Target is the best)! I just think those rusty colors work with so many other colors and are especially perfect for this time of year. And then if you need a basket, make it cute and footed like this one. Easy storage never looked so cute!

Hot Air Balloon Mobile

If you are looking to decorate a whimsical nursery then THIS is your collab! Fashion designer/dad of two, Joseph Altuzarra, designed the sweetest collection starting with this hot air balloon mobile. There are a few pregnant people in my life who might need this because I need to buy it…

Sphere Foot 7-Drawer Changing Table | Woven Moon & Stars Hamper

I love the organic glam of this changing table! Those knobs and feet are so good! Then try to tell me that isn’t one of the cutest hampers you’ve ever seen. I love that everything in this collection is also so gender-neutral!

Moon & Stars Peel & Stick Wallpaper | Sphere Foot Book Caddy

What else is there to say but that wallpaper makes me wish I had a nursery to design? It just feels special with the pattern looking handmade and simply magical. And we all know how adamant Emily is about having kids’ toys and books in open storage so this wonderful caddy is perfect. Ah, those ball feet!

Swivel Glider

A glider is a must-have nursery item according to every parent I’ve talked to and this one is cool and chunky. I think it’s great there are a few different color options!

Accent Chair | Hexagonal Marble Coffee

Speaking of cool and chunky, look at that accent chair above! Nate and Jeremiah are always on point. It looks so comfortable and you know I love a cool foot (furniture foot, of course!). Then as someone who has a hexagon coffee table and loves it, I fully support this shape. Mix it up, baby!

Bar Cabinet | 3 Piece Entertainment Center With 80″ TV Stand

I also really love both of these pieces. The lines and wood tones are beautiful! They feel very Crate and Barrel, but more budget-friendly which is never a bad thing.

via hay

Cherry Drop | Ros | Mitsi

Yes, our favorite lamp just got better (Em has the solid red shade)! I need to know more about Liberty but if this is the kind of collab they are about then I am all about them. What a fun and unexpected way to bring in a really playful pattern. 10/10!

Turin Chair and a Half

I know I was surprised too when I heard that Banana Republic was coming out with a home line. BUT then I SAW it was like, “Oh I like this!” Exhibit A is that chair and a half. Chic lines and looks real comfortable!

Porto Upholstered Chair | Hugo Swivel Lounge Chair

Then for a more sculptural option that Porto chair is so pretty! I know not as functional given that it’s armless but such a stunning piece. But for some function and style, that lounge chair is GOOD. Do you see that wood frame??

Ashland Coffee Table

If you love joinery like we do and need a long coffee table for your long sofa then BR may have solved all of your problems with this beauty! It could easily go farmhouse but could really be used in a lot of homes with those more modern lines.

Savannah Round Coffee Table | Lisbon Coffee Table

Ok, now I know this isn’t “the Emily Henderson live edge coffee table” BUT it definitely has the same energy🙂 The organic legs with visible knots are SO PRETTY. But if you want something more refined and long, the Lisbon coffee table is another piece that could work with so many styles! Plus I love that dark wood tone.

Tuscany Bed

Beautiful and simple with lots of texture. I am a very large fan!

Tuscany Nightstand | Celia Floor Lamp

But maybe you love the look but only need a nightstand…there’s an equally beautiful option! Again, NOT the same but they also have a more neutral energy of Emily’s old leather nightstands if you’ve been reading for a while:) Then finally I really really love this floor lamp. Actually, I just had a piece for my living room go into production that I designed that may have a similar detail! But truly, while this has a reclaimed wood vibe I think it’s so chic and modern looking. 10/10.

via studio mcgee

So this one is a bit of a tease because it doesn’t come out online until Oct 2nd (in-store Sept 29th). But Kohler is an EHD favorite and we also love Studio McGee so this is VERY EXCITING!! Shea is someone who loves details and beautiful materials so there is no chance we aren’t going to love this new line. Congrats Shea!

Isn’t design SO COOL! I’m going to assume you agreed and hopefully minimally enjoyed looking at all of those amazing collections. Any others that I missed that you want to shout out? Let’s chat!

Love you, meant it.

Opening Image Credit: via Lulu and Georgia

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