The Link Up: Em’s Favorite New Pillow Dupe, The Tights That Have Stepped Up Mal’s Outfits, And Some Great Products For Greasy Hair

Happy Sunday everyone! We were busy as usual this past week and have a very fun reveal coming at you this week!! Not much else to report so let’s get to these links:)

This week’s house tour is of creative director, Jonathon Burford, and Jesse Rudolph of Ome Dezin‘s wildly playful yet peaceful home. One’s style is “artful sensationalism” while the other prefers “clean, calming moments that nod to nature.” If you’re thinking, “I have to see how those two styles work,” you are right. Go see their truly beautiful home here!

From Emily: The original hard round disc pillow seems to have been invented by our favorite French designer/architect – Pierre Yovanovitch. While it took a while to come to market in America, once it did I bought two from Lulu and Georgia immediately (SSS’s collection). I LOVE mine very much. But when I was at Target last week I found their version and BOY is it good (and far more affordable). Now this pillow is 100% for visual decoration – it’s hard and just not very comfy. But I love the look of it when done right (like on our bed when I actually make it to show it off). So for those of you wanting to appreciate this simple trend, but on a more affordable budget there you go (plus the velvet is really good in person and the colors are spot on).

From Jess: I am having a BIG Galentine’s weekend currently with a dinner and a brunch. If you don’t have any Galentine traditions, I know they seem silly but I promise they really are the best. This was actually the first year I forgot to plan my own. Whoops! Now, the dinner is a new addition this year with a very fun (but slightly pricey twist). Each gal needs to bring three full-size versions of a favorite makeup, skin, or haircare product. So while yes, it can (and did) easily add up, you are also going home with three beloved products. Of course, you could do a travel-sized version of this or put a lower price limit. But I decided that since I’m all about hair care this year, I would buy this detox shampoo as my contribution. I think it’s great, is HIGHLY recommended by hairdressers, and says it works on all hair types which I feel is important to consider when everyone has different needs. I’m excited to see how this goes and will report back next week with what I get:)

From Gretchen: I popped into Target the other day to find a few things we needed for an upcoming shoot/reveal at the farmhouse. There were just so many good finds (Jess wrote about most of them here) that were so hard for me to walk away from. I physically couldn’t leave the store without buying this glassware, though. I’m actually proud of myself for only buying the coupes in green. If I didn’t already have a tableware hoarding issue, I might’ve left with the whole dang shelf. Each colorway is just so dreamy and could be really fun to mix and match, too! They’ve got coupes and wine glasses–both stemless and stemmed–in blue, gray, teal, and pink.

From Mallory: My new favorite outfit hack: patterned tights!!! I bought these the other day and absolutely LOVE how they transform any LBD…it’s the easiest way to make a boring outfit look really really special. Plus I got SO many compliments on them. Give the patterned tights look a chance I’m telling ya!!

From: Caitlin: Where are my fellow greasy-hair folks at?! You know – the ones whose hair starts looking like second-day hair after only 8 hours? The ones who have tried to the no poo (“no shampoo, for the uninitiated), to disgusting and disappointing ends? I SEE YOU. And, after 17 years of testing, I have found THE BEST DRY SHAMPOO FOR OUR TRICKY HAIR TYPE. Enter: this aptly named HG dry shampoo, which means that my greasy tendrils can now go FOUR WHOLE DAYS without washing!!! Like, I just took a Zoom call with four-day-old hair! And it looked freshly coiffed!!! It’s the only dry shampoo I’ve tried that’s actually made my hair feel a little cleaner, instead of just improving the appearance. (And I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on the Rosemary scent, but it is pretty strong – just be warned. My hair is light brown and it does leave a cast, but it’s super easy to shake out. And if the website is sold out – it usually is – you can also grab them at your local Sephora or Ulta.) I keep two cans on hand at all times but I’ll be stocking up this President’s Day!!! Yay for (finally) clean hair!!!

From Arlyn: Contrary to popular belief, LA gets cold. And my heat only seems to like to function upstairs, where it gives us all it’s got and then leaves us shivering downstairs. So while cruising the Target aisles on the hunt for a few V-Day surprises for the fam, I eyed this sweatshirt and pants and scooped them up. AND OMG THIS IS WHAT CELESTIAL CLOUDS MUST FEEL LIKE. I’ve never felt anything so soft on my body. Like…ever. Maybe my newborn’s hand. That’s it. I’m thinking of grabbing the two in the dark green, too. 

Thanks for reading and see y’all tomorrow. xx

Opening Image Credits: Photo by Tessa Neustadt | From: Our Master Bedroom – Finally 

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