The Link Up: Em’s New And Easy Glowy Makeup Hack, Jess’s “Good For Any Occasion” Dress, And A Cookbook About Dips (Just In Time For Dip Season!)

We are all now OFFICIALLY, officially back because Jess needed until Monday to get her full dose of Mexico:) To be honest, we’re relieved she even came back at all. It was MAGICAL so we also would have understood if she didn’t:) Anyway, it’s good to be home and back at it (especially with this long weekend to ease us back in). Let’s get to these links!

This week’s house tour is just pure color and design inspiration from the one and only Flack Studio. We won’t say more because you just have to go see:) Go check it out here!

From Emily: I caved and was HIGHLY influenced by Ballerina Farm (like her or not, she can really sell some makeup to look so naturally beautiful) and I bought the OGEE Face Stick Collection. I put it on for a shoot the other day and Kaitlin said “Well look at you, doing your own makeup” because it looked really good! It’s similar to the Merit kit so if you have that you don’t need both, but it’s essentially a bronzing stick, a blush stick, and a highlighter. I’ll demo it on stories for those who are interested. I’m a big fan because it’s glowy, subtle, and very easy to apply. It’s expensive, but isn’t all good organic anything these days? Anyway, watch the demos and try not to buy this.

Jean Jacket | Bandana (similar) | Striped Shirt | Jean Shorts | Flats

Also From Emily: If you are into an oversized, long utility jacket this denim number from Madewell made the cut this year. It’s roomy (I’m wearing a small), has huge pockets, and lots of detail. Kaitlin and Gretch both wanted it after we shot this. I feel like I could have styled it better, actually). Anyway, for summer I like layers that aren’t too tailored or stuffy and this is so casual I think it can go over most summer dresses or short little shorty numbers.

From Jess: As I said in our Mexico fashion post, I did very well at & Other Stories in prep for our retreat which was a huge surprise. And while I really loved the yellow dress you saw, this one-shoulder brown linen beauty was the true get! I love the twist detail on the shoulder strap, the deep chocolate color, and the casualness of the linen fabric. I’ve already worn it to a baby shower, while in Mexico…twice, and will be dressing it up for a wedding I’m going to in two weeks. It can work for so many occasions and it’s impossible to not feel cool in. And while the model on the site is gorgeous, the dress is so much prettier on and in person. I don’t think I would have bought it if I had only seen it online. Just an FYI if you don’t get why I’m so obsessed with it:)

From Caitlin: From Caitlin: OMG. I don’t know who is in charge of the pattern-making at Gap right now, but I NEED THEM TO STAY WORKING THERE FOREVER. A few weeks ago, I tried on this $34 linen-blend slip dress. What I expected: the dress would barely reach over the top half of my body – straining around the boob area, of course – before getting stuck at the top of my butt, unable to be pulled any further. (As is the case with ::checks notes:: literally every slip dress I’ve ever tried.) So imagine my surprise when this little number just DRAPED over every bit, without clinging anywhere! INSTANT PURCHASE. I grabbed it in a large (I’m normally an XL gal, for the record) and my only complaint is that it’s way longer on me than the model – it’s basically to my knees, and I’m 5’8″! It comes in 4 colors and 2 patterns (I got the red, spicy!) and Y’ALL GOTTA HURRY TO THE GAP, because it’s getting goooooood again. It’s still the 90s in there – so many great essentials, made from high-quality materials, and at affordable prices! (PS. If you want to see how it falls on the plus model, she’s pictured in the black and black floral!)

From Mallory: I dressed up all fancy the other day but realized (very late) that I needed a good fancy clutch to go along with my outfit so I snagged THIS baddie from Amazon (since I only had 2 days before the event lol) and I could not believe how cute it was in person!! The quality is also very solid considering it’s $25 for the bag. If you’re needed a fancy bag this is the guy for you!!

From Gretchen: Still reminiscing on our incredible retreat to Mexico. So many laughs, good eats, and great outfits. I shopped ’til I dropped for this trip and found some great pieces that I still need to share. A lot of linen sets which I’ve already raved about plenty, but a few fun “night-out” outfits too, including this stunning dress from Abercrombie. I bought it in the green (which sadly seems to be nearly sold out!) but they have a couple colorways that are just as cute. What I love most about it is the fit–how it drapes, the ring in the middle that creates a nice deep V, and it ties in the back making it adjustable for the “girls”. Just an easy, breezy vacay dress that feels fancy enough for cocktails.

From Arlyn: I love cookbooks. I love dips. So, it should come as no surprise that I would love the idea of a cookbook ABOUT dips. I haven’t actually gotten one for this year, but I’ve heard a lot of buzz from friends and strangers alike on the internet about this one. It’s quirky, fun and helpful, especially as we enter dip season. (What, no one told you summer was dip season? It is. Let’s celebrate and all get this cookbook, then host a bring-your-own-dip night. Who’s in?)

Thanks for hanging with us and we hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow (whether or not you have to work:)). See ya tomorrow!

Opening Image Credits: Design by Corbett Tuck | Styled by Velinda HellenErik Kenneth StaalbergEmily Edith bowser, and Julie Rose | Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: 10 Bathrooms Design Risks – How To Break The “Rules” In A Way That Works

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