The Link Up: The Lipstick Em Wish She Found Sooner, The Multi-Tool We Could ALL Use, And A VERY Exciting Announcement About The Team

Welcome everyone. We don’t have to tell you that this was a devasting week for the island of Maui. Watching those flames ravage so much beauty and history as well as leaving so many people without homes was beyond heartbreaking. If you have the means please consider donating. Here is an article with organizations from a Hawaiian news site to donate to, as well as articles from CBS News and Time. Also as we’ve been watching and listening to indigenous Hawaiians, they are asking tourists to avoid traveling to the islands. As you can imagine resources are extremely limited given its geographical location and size. More than ever those should be reserved for the people who live there. Thank you for reading this<3

Ok, now let’s talk about this week’s links…

courtesy of devol
courtesy of devol

This week’s home tour is a beautiful kitchen and pantry by deVOL Kitchens and Clarence & Graves. It’s warm and moody with the perfect amount of pattern! The furniture pieces are so special, the way the color of the stove is almost the same color as the wall cabinets adds a fun playfulness, and that striped wall is SO GOOD. Thanks deVOL for sharing with us!!

From Emily: All summer long we use Supergoop (I’ve been using the Glowscreen for YEARS) especially when we were in Arrowhead on the lake a lot (the face stick FTW). So when they reached out to partner it was a very fast YES. We use their Play sunscreen on us and our kids most of the day (as you know we are very sensitive to the sun) and I even started to use their lipstick that has sunscreen (really wished younger Emily knew to do this – the sun can be so harsh on your delicate little lips). Anyway, a big quick plug for Supergoop in every way. If you didn’t see the fun reel we made go check it out🙂

Also From Emily: We’ve been trying to post more video clothing reviews on our LTK so you can see how products look and move on an actual person (me). This week, we highlighted some of my favorites from Vuori: that’s the gingham volley skirt on the left (also in tall) and their new romper on the right (also in black). My only word of advice is to SIZE UP. Vuori can run pretty tight, but the clothes are SO soft and comfortable once they’re on! (I usually opt for a medium.) A few other pieces I’d recommend, if you’re in the market for some high-quality athleisure: these joggers, a really cute tank, a hoodie that drapes nicely, easy-to-style pants, and this super-flattering zip-up hoodie.

photo by kaitlin green

Ok ok, today is VERY special because we are finally announcing our newest EHD team member, Gretchen!! She’s so talented, learns incredibly fast, and just couldn’t be a better personality fit. Our last trip to Portland was the first time we all met in person and it was as if we had all known each other for a very long time. We are SO happy that Emily has such a great gal to work with every day and only wish we could all see each other more. And to give you a little visual example of Gretchen’s talent, Apartment Therapy just did a house tour of her apartment. DIY Queen! Needless to say, Gretchen welcome to the team OFFICIALLY! We are so grateful and pumped to finally have you<33

From Gretchen: Hey, y’all! I am SO HAPPY to be a part of this wonderful EHD team! Working with Emily (and Jess and Mal and Caitlin) is just incredible. So it’s literally part of my JOB to go to Target–can you believe?! Em and I were there a few days ago shopping for an upcoming shoot and I just happened to walk past the shoe aisle. Oops! These funky mules caught my eye and I just had to buy them. It’s the type of shoe that might be so ugly that it’s actually cute! I love the bone color, the chunky platform, but especially the rubber-like material. I’m telling myself they’ll be great shoes for the farm because they’re a breeze to clean, easy to slip on and go, and extra cushioned for those long shoot days.

From Arlyn: I love when I buy a super practical, useful gift for someone that ends up being just as practical and useful as intended. Enter: the Open-It! Multi-Tool I bought Charles for Father’s Day this year. We were constantly reaching for our kitchen knives and sheers to open packages and break down boxes, and they were getting dull from all the action. So in my hunt for a box cutter for the house, I found this. It has strong sheers that both cut and slide even on that super thick plastic packaging, a retractable box cutter, and a mini screwdriver with both a Philips head and flat head built right in. It’s basically the Swiss army knife of your utility drawer. We reach for this thing constantly! 

From Mallory: My everyday kickin around town sneakers are only $60 right now!! I paid close to $100 for them so this is a SOLID deal. I love a white sneaker for the summer/fall transition and these are perf

From Jess: Ok, so today I have two body wash recs. One is a splurge and one is a save:) When I recommend this splurge please know that I know how unnecessary it is to spend this kinda money on a body wash. But as a single, childless person who is a sucker for luxury products, I tend to spend more money than I probably should on everyday items. But I tried a sample of this a while ago and just thought the scent was intoxicating. Capitalism wins again! This body wash from Le Labo makes my showers feel like a luxurious experience. And as someone who honestly only showers because it’s mandatory, that’s important to me. I shower, I promise! It’s really all the after stuff like wet hair that I hate dealing with. I need to bribe myself a little lol. The scent is definitely more earthy/herbaceous than floral which is my usual preference in all things scents. ANYWAY, a mere two days after this wild purchase a friend of mine gave me this body wash that ALSO smelled wonderful and was a fraction of the cost. That one is a little more floral since it’s lilac and white tea, but not so floral that I wasn’t into it. Whew! That was a mouthful but if you have been on a body wash hunt hope these recs help!

From Caitlin: I’m a little late to the party on this one, but I’m REALLY enjoying Rainn Wilson and the Geography of Bliss on Peacock. We follow Rainn around the world – the first three episodes feature slices of life in Iceland, Bulgaria, and Ghana – and it’s the PERFECT show to watch right before bed. It’s sweet and earnest and hopeful and a pretty great addition to the “travel, but in an emotional way” genre (if you loved Parts Unknown or Searching for Italy, this is right up your alley).

Thank you for stopping by and see y’all tomorrow. Sending all of our love to Maui.

Opening Image Credits: Courtesy of deVOL

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