The Link Up: Two New Cookbooks Em Is Diving Into, The Unbelievable Eye Cream Gretchen Gifted Her Mom, And Our Favorite New Target Pieces

Happy January everyone! We hope that you had as great of a holiday season as possible and that the start to the new year has been relatively smooth. We have a very exciting reveal tomorrow but before that, you better believe we have some great links this week. We don’t want to overhype but we are starting very strong this year:)

This week’s house tour not only is an explosion of happy color and handpainted murals that took weeks but our beloved Kaitlin Green photographed it!! Go check it out for instant happy feelings, great design, and beautiful photos:)

Williams-Sonoma Soup of the Day | The Chicken Soup Manifesto | EatingWell Soups | The First Mess Cookbook | Clean Soups | At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen

From Emily: I wanted to update you on two new soup cookbooks I got and have tried about two recipes from each (and loved them). First up is The Chicken Soup Manifesto a bit more text-heavy (I like more pictures:)) but the soups I made were really good. Then I also got the Williams-Sonoma Soup of the Day cookbook and it’s packed with great options but is definitely more “chowder-esque” which I’m not mad about. I’ve done two to three and was also happy with them. So aside from those, I linked all of my other absolute favorite books above if you are in need of some cooking inspo.

Speaking of cooking filling, healthy delicious meals that are easy to make, did you see Arlyn’s recipe post? There are seven truly delicious meals she has made and her whole family has loved (including her toddler). Jess also wanted to attest that Arlyn is SUCH a good cook so you should trust her:)

From Caitlin: Last night, I watched a season finale of a TV show that made me laugh until I wept. I didn’t even know a TV show could be that funny! But wait, there’s more: there are TWO WHOLE SEASONS for you to binge this month (if you haven’t already – it’s a few years old). The show in question? Detroiters, which stars Tim Robinson and Sam Richardson as two Detroit ad-men (and best friends) who make silly, hyper-specific, regional TV ads. The cast is stacked with comedy heavyweights (I love Tim Meadows as a lawyer who will “try his best” and Keegan-Michael Key as a furniture store owner – can’t spoil that storyline!) but more than anything, it’s just so earnest and endearing. It has all the friendship and heart of early Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis is a producer, and he also pops up throughout the show – I feel like that’ll convince some of you to watch :)) mixed with an unrelenting flurry of jokes (albeit PG-13 ones, so be mindful). IT’S SO GOOD. It’s not just me hyping this up, either – in a plea to keep the show on the air, Seth Meyers said “I can’t remember the last time I laughed this hard at a television show…If there was any theme to the show, it was friends who loved each other. It was just what I needed.” (But for real – I was laughing/crying all night to the season 1 finale. Bicken Bones!!!)

From Gretchen: For Christmas this year, I bought my mom something kind of controversial. Before she opened it, I prefaced with “Okay please don’t be offended”, and “I just thought this would be a fun experiment for us both!”. She asked me if it was Ozempic. Lol, no. It was something else I’ve been highly advertised–that really seemed too good to be true. It’s the Instant FIRMx Temporary Eye Tightener by Peter Thomas Roth. And holy wow did it work for her. We were shocked! I’m including her before and afters because the results are truly insane. I tried it on myself, but it didn’t really do squat. So I think it’s better for someone with more “mature” skin to really be effective. You might not believe she’s 70 when she’s wearing this! I swear there were no filters used at all. It doesn’t mix well with make-up unless it’s silicone-based, and it can sometimes leave a white residue, but she loves it regardless!

From Jess: The greatest Christmas gift I gave to myself was starting to listen to The Giggly Squad podcast. I’ve deemed it “important nonsense” because it’s made every day I’ve been listening funnier and sillier which dare I say most of us need more of. Actually, my one and only resolution so far is to devote more time this year to silliness because we all know this year is going to be a lot. So standup comedian/former college athlete, Hannah Berner and fashion influencer/former Limited Too model, Paige DeSorbo are best friends that met on a reality show back in 2017 and now talk/giggle about all things life, pop culture, reality TV, fashion trends, relationships, supporting women in the arts, women in STEM, etc. 🙂 So join me and my two new friends and become a Giggler if you like fun. Relatable content.

Also From Jess: Target just dropped A LOT of new things so I had to show some of my favorites:)

Footed Marble Countertop Tray | Round Vertical Natural Weave Tray | Marble Rectangle Tray

If I needed another tray (which sadly I don’t) that footed marble guy would be in my car SO FAST. It’s perfect. But for a great coffee table tray or an entry table tray, that woven cutie is awesome. It has a great shape and higher edges for bigger items that need corralling. Lastly, the black marble tray is so pretty and is definitely on the more affordable side. Emily has had the white version for a long time and it still looks great. It’s just a timeless piece.

Wicker Dome Pendant with Opal Glass Ball Ceiling Light | Medium Ceramic Table Lamp | Solar LED Outdoor Orb and Globe String Lights with Plastic Rattan Woven Hoods

We know lights can get pricey so that pendant is such an affordable yet high-end-looking option. The size is great and I love the opal glass ball/wicker combo. Then that green ceramic lamp is neutral with a dash of personality. I think it’s so versatile. And while it’s still winter, those wicker string lights are making me VERY excited for spring. How can you not love them!?

Ceramic Curved Sculpture | Wing Arm Accent Chair | Tufted Geo Lumbar Throw Pillow

I’m in the process of searching for a new sculptural object and this one is great! I need something taller but I love this one if you are also looking. Then I actually saw this Studio McGee accent chair in-store and thought it was really cool. At first glance it’s traditional but then you see that the shape is a little wild which I love! It gives modern French vibes. And lastly, that is just a great throw pillow. I love the grid, the texture, and the color. But if you don’t love blue it comes in a few other options. Go check it all out:)

From Mallory: Want your hair to look incredible with absolutely 0 effort??? Well, my mom has always had her hair DIALED IN in the most effortless way…she’s the queen of hot rollers so I finally tried it out and my hair looked maybe the best it ever has without having to do a ton of work. Here’s what you do. You take the front two pieces, middle side pieces and then the piece in the back. Clip them up and do your makeup. When you’re done your hair will be SO voluminous and bouncy – I’m never going back. Thanks, mama!!!!

From Arlyn: I asked for this tool half apron from Santa Hubs this year and omg it’s already become my favorite thing. I was working on a flash makeover for my parents (stay tuned!) and I had everything I normally misplace and spend half my day looking for right at my waist and it was glorious! Hammer, nails, tape measure, tape, a pen…it’s amazing!!! If you do any crafts or DIY or things around the house, buy this immediately. Thank me later, friends!

See?! Not too bad, huh? OK, see you tomorrow! xx

Opening Images Credits: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: Mountain House Reveal: Our Light-Filled Neutral & Textural Living Room

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