Welcome To Our Whimsical Farmhouse Kids’ Shared Bath – It’s Reveal Day!

Welcome back to the reveal day of our kids’ bathroom. In case you haven’t been following along (thanks for popping by :)) we started recapping this bathroom last Monday (OG bathroom post with design plan here), then dove into the tile, custom vanity, and tub nook curtain leading up to today – the full monty. Ready for the full tour including an Irish setter painting hanging on a window? Let’s do it…

Wall and Trim Color

Oh, she turned out so happy and fun. Once we hung that patterned curtain we changed a lot of the styling to be more whimsical and colorful which made way more sense for a kids’ bath. What started out as a pretty strict color palette of green, white, and gold (perhaps a Go Duck’s homage??) shifted once we added that teal in there. It definitely reads as more “kid” and “fun” with that added in. Had it been our bathroom I would have likely kept it more white. What I didn’t call out too much last week was the vintage/antique light fixture that we had made with Rejuvenation (through their antiques and vintage department) that turned out SO PERFECT. Shout out to Jordan. We found the antique shades and he built it exactly to our ideal design – hanging down 18″ in total, spread out to take a more linear shape with that nice pop of green that brings your eye up and balances out the floor tile.

We are about to get into it but don’t forget to watch the full Youtube video tour HERE (with a lot of personal commentary, TBH), and of course a shortened one here (just wait for the little ad to run!):

I obviously went a little whimsical and fun, styling this bathroom and I’m currently very into it (but the good news is that it’s all changeable should I want to amp it up or pull it back in the future).

The large-scale buffalo plaid is so happy and adds such a jolt of color, and definitely contrasts the seriousness of the telephone faucet, for instance. Fun fact, since we started designing this bathroom (over two years ago) our kids no longer take baths so joke’s on me for caring so much about this niche. Obviously, I’m still SO GLAD that we did it for future use (I’ll teach the kids the ways of the bath when they’re ready) and for any potential resale, but both my kids shower now. Also, can we talk about this for a second – are we the only household where the kids want to almost only shower in our shower? Both in the mountain house and here!! I know my brother’s family is the same way and it’s hilarious if not frustrating (because they use my fancy stuff and leave water all over the floor and then we get soakers in our socks, etc).

Tub Faucet | Light Fixture (vintage/custom)

What you might notice (and be a little perplexed/upset by) is that the tub faucet is satin brass and the light fixture is aged brass – which technically wouldn’t be my first choice. We chose the finish on the light fixture to work best with the antique light and thought that the brighter satin gold would be too bright (and I still agree with my former self). But we also chose this at the factory not really thinking about the faucet finish. So when we brought it to our house I was worried we had made a mistake. When you see them next to each other in these side-by-side photos you notice the difference, but in real life with the distance between them and everything else going on it looks great. Your eye just doesn’t clock it (of course it will now :))

Tub | Tile | Curtian (similar) Dark Teal Towel | Waffel Towel | Stool (vintage)

I LOVE that shot – just so happy and fun! The floor tile base border is such a feature that I want to recreate over and over. Sure, it still looks a little like grass, but with everything else going on it works!

Art (vintage) | Towel Bar

I know I pointed it out last week, but for those of you who may not have noticed the grout color changed from the green (darker) to the white (white grout) – a big thanks to Level Plane for appeasing my ideas 🙂

The shower door was originally a basic door but what we did, that I love, is add the metal trim around the whole thing, giving it more presence and even a more vintage look (the tiny knob is really cute which you can see below). When it was first installed I was weirded out that it wasn’t the full height of the opening, but I guess it needs to be to let hot air out (although we have a fan inside so unsure if that really was necessary?). Regardless, it eventually stopped bugging me.

Loofah Brush

Ya’ll, all the outlets and switchplates make SUCH a difference. I know that designers harp on these kinds of things and they are the LAST thing that you want to budget for during a renovation, but they really are a detail that I LOVE and have found pretty necessary when doing an older home (I’d say skip them in more basic rooms like bedrooms if you want to cut down, but install them in places that need to feel more “historic” like kitchens and bathrooms).

Switchplate | Towel Hooks

Shower Set | Shower Head | Tray (similar)

The shower is a lovely dreamy little room, with a ledge (not a niche) which tends to be my preference these days (can lean on, put your foot up on it for shaving, and of course just creates a simple line, less tile confusion, etc,.). Also, I thought that eucalyptus was just a stylist thing that looked cool, but it absolutely makes the entire bathroom smell like a spa for MONTHS AND MONTHS. I refreshed it for the shoot, of course, but don’t plan on replacing it with fresh branches for months (Trader Joe’s, $8).

Toilet | Bath Mat

I haven’t mentioned the toilet yet, but I really, really love this toilet (style-wise, functionally it’s great but no big bells and whistles). The shape of the base is just really pretty and classic (it’s Kholer).

Terrazzo Bath Tray | Marble Lidded Box (similar)

OK, so I have some beef with those framed pieces. It isn’t the art pieces themselves, it’s that they are so flat when against the tile when everything projects out so much more. I just think they need more weight to them – either bigger or deeper. And no, I didn’t feel like permanently drilling into the tile to hang another piece of art – that’s far too much of a commitment for me.

Light Fixture | Mirror | Toothbrush Holder (vintage) | Toothbrushes | Outlet Cover | Faucet | Wood Tray (unavailable) | Plaid Cup | Toliet Paper Holder

At one point I was worried that the mirror was going to project too far out, hitting the light fixture and it does come close but doesn’t hit (thank goodness). I meant to put the little fern back on the vanity for this shot (it was shot on the toilet) but this cup is what the kids use to drink after brushing their teeth. And obviously, those $1 Target toothbrushes worked perfectly for our shot because our kids’ toothbrushes are disgusting in every way and I was not going to let them ruin my reveal 🙂

Vanity (vintage/custom) | Countertop Stone

I just love it so much. Please note the feet on that vanity! The knobs! The keyholes! All the round elements echo each other (mirror, sconce shades, knobs) and contrast so well with the shape of the vanity and the tile.

We ended up putting the toilet paper holder on the side of the vanity, but hot tip – I meant to tell Jamie to install it the other way so that you can rip the TP forward with one hand (this is very specific I’m realizing as I write this). How it is installed right now is fine but you have to use both hands to make sure that it doesn’t fall off forward with the momentum of the pull. 🙂

Ready for some before and afters? It’s probably the least dramatic of all of them because this bathroom wasn’t that bad to begin with! But it’s still quite the transformation 🙂

A big shout out to Julie (our recent kitchen makeover recipient) for gifting me that vintage painting. I saw it at her house during a site visit (she is a vintage/antiques dealer) and fell in love with it. It was such a lovely thank you gift and it found its place (but honestly could have looked good in so many places upstairs).

Dress | Sandals

A little flirty hide-and-go-seek shot for you. I hope you enjoyed this bathroom/reveal. Every time I walk upstairs and turn the corner I get so excited. I LOVE how it turned out and so do the kids. Don’t forget to watch the YouTube Video (which does have them actually in the space with some iPhone footage). Thanks to ARCIFORM (our design/build team) for executing everything so expertly and Eric and his team from Level Plane for their tile install. Thanks to Stephyn for helping us with tile square footage (or what is called “the tile take-off”) because details and numbers are not my strength and it’s a lot to figure out. All resources below!

Bathroom Resources:

Tile: Pratt + Larson
Bathtub: Rejuvenation
Plumbing Fixtures: Rejuvenation
Shower Door: Local
Hardware: Rejuvenation
Wall Color: SW 8917 Shell White by Sherwin-Williams
Mirror: Rejuvenation
Vanity: Custom/Vintage
Stone Countertop: Bedrosians
Curtain Fabric:
Unavailable (similar)
Art: Vintage

*Design by Emily Henderson and ARCIFORM
**Tile Installation by Level Plane
***Photos by Kaitlin Green

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