Why I Love the Wyandanch Rattan Accent Cabinet: Tried & Tested

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If there’s one thing I hate, it’s clutter. Now, I don’t think there are many out there who do like clutter, but for me, a happy home is an organized one. That being said, there’s only so much you can do when it comes to small-space living. One space I always have to keep clutter-free is my bathroom, which can be a challenge living in a small studio apartment. For a while, my go-to storage solution was something I’ve relied on since college: a storage cart. However, as I was getting ready one morning, I took a look at my disheveled cart reflecting back at me in the mirror and knew it was time for an upgrade.

When it came to picking out a new storage piece, I had two criteria: it had to have doors and it had to have a rattan element. While I’ve been a full-hearted supporter of the “rattan-issance” we’ve seen in home decor over the past few years, I had yet to partake in the trend. That is until I found the perfect bathroom storage cabinet: the Wyandanch Rattan Accent Cabinet.

What is the Wyandanch Rattan Accent Cabinet

Sleek, stylish, and roomy, the Wyandanch Rattan Accent Cabinet offers the perfect mix of style and function. Available in two wood finishes (black and natural), its eye-catching rattan-decorated doors open up to reveal a large storage cabinet, complete with an adjustable shelf so you can customize your storage. It’s also perfect for small spaces thanks to its tall design, coming in at 33” H X 26.8” W X 15.8” D.

Why I Love the Wyandanch Rattan Accent Cabinet

For me, the biggest challenge in choosing the right cabinet came down to size. So many of the rattan cabinets on the market today are wide — too wide for my space. So you can imagine my joy in finding an option that came in under 28 inches wide, which was my absolute threshold. And fear not, what this cabinet loses in width, it makes up in height, meaning I didn’t lose any of the precious storage I was looking for — which ended up being double than what I had with my cart!

Delivery and assembly were also a breeze, with this piece arriving at my door in two days (you have to love Wayfair’s quick shipping). After an easy unboxing, I had it built in under 45 minutes (a record for me). As I took a step back to admire the downright beautiful design, I couldn’t have been happier with this find. All that was left to do was empty my storage cart, pick up some organizers, and get to work reorganizing (and visually decluttering) my bathroom. Reader, saying goodbye to that unsightly storage cart in favor of this small-space-friendly cabinet is one of the best things I could’ve ever done for my bathroom.

The Wyandanch Rattan Accent Cabinet normally comes in at $196.99 but right now, you can score it for just $148.99 (that’s almost 30 percent off!) So if you’re like me and ready to say goodbye to the eyesores in your space (be that in your bathroom, living space, or entryway), I think you’ll find this chic cabinet to be just what you’ve been missing.

Buy: Wyandanch Accent Cabinet, $148.99 (normally $196.99)

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