You Can Use Walmart Bags to Clean Mirrors

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As it turns out, your used Walmart plastic bags don’t belong in the trash — instead, they belong in your trove of cleaning supplies.

TikTok user Cora-Lynn Debski recently went viral after she revealed how she keeps her mirror clean by using Walmart’s shopping bags. In her video, we see her wiping the glass with a used bag — and only a used bag. The result is that the mirror looks surprisingly shiny and new, without any streaks left behind or missed by the plastic.

“I was today years old when I found out a Walmart bag will clean your mirror better than any ‘mirror cleaner wipe’ can and it’s lint free AND scratch resistant,” she wrote.

In a follow-up post, Debski tried the hack with Windex but found that the liquid left streaks on the glass surface. So, for those planning to clean with plastic bags, you could lessen or skip the solution.

The hack caught the curiosity of other TikTok users, who said that they’re going to do the same with their mirrors. As for those who only have bags from other stores, commenters said that any plastic bag is fine.

If plastic bags are banned in your state, you can easily swap in other materials. For instance, some recommended reusing newspapers. “My dad always uses newspaper and it works wonders!” one commenter noted.

Someone else added, “Use coffee filters. They taught me that working in restaurants. Works amazing.” Others in the service industry agreed. “That’s what we used when I worked at Starbucks.”

Who knew that plastic bags, newspapers, and coffee filters were such effective substitutes for microfiber cloths?

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